2021 website update

In August 2021, OceanFit acquired the website and business of oceanswims.com.

Read more about oceanswims.com 2.0 here

oceanswims.com is an institution in Australia for ocean swimming, and, up until we took the reins, it was primarily focused on ocean swim events.

Our vision for oceanswims.com is for it to become the home for the entire community of ocean swimmers, whether you simply enjoy a morning dip at your local beach, or you’re going for gold in an ocean swim event.

Because it didn’t make sense to have a swim directory on both OceanFit and oceanswims.com, we’ve transferred the Swim Scout directory and its listings from oceanfit.com.au to oceanswims.com. OceanFit’s website will focus on its leading ocean swimming training and swimming holidays.

Transfer of listings

  • We have conducted a direct transfer of listings from oceanfit.com.au to oceanswims.com
  • A URL redirect has also been put in place, so that if someone trys to visit the old URL on oceanfit.com.au it will redirect to the new URL on oceanswims.com
  • The content of listings will be the same (as at the time of transfer), however, if you find your listing is missing information, it is likely that your changes happened during the transfer and these changes will no longer be available. You will need to re-update your listing. We apologise for the inconvenience.

User data

  • Some user data has been deleted in the process of transferring listings
  • Passwords will need to be reset by using the Forgot password? function on the login page
  • Previous Swim Buddy conversations will not be available
  • If you’re having trouble signing in to your account and gaining access to your listing, please get in touch with us.

Overview of listing transfers

Ocean swimming groups

Many social ocean swimming groups are listed on our directory, you can now find the directory here.

Swim Buddies

Our Swim Buddies directory can be found here.

In a recent survey of current users of Swim Buddies, the feedback was extremely positive. However, the biggest piece of feedback was that there simply weren’t enough people on it!

We hope that moving the Swim Buddies directory to oceanswims.com will help grow the awareness of this awesome feature and allow more people to meet up and swim together.

Previous users: Trouble logging in

If you have trouble logging in, you may need to reset your password.

Is your profile missing?

If you have recently registered a Swim Buddies profile, and it hasn’t been accepted yet (and you have received an email) then you will need to set up a new profile.

Missing conversations

There is every chance that previous conversation information was deleted in the transition to the new website. We apologise if this causes any inconvenience for you.

Masters swim clubs/surf clubs/winter swimming clubs

You can now find the clubs directory here.

Ocean pools

You can now find the ocean pools directory here.

Ocean swim events

At this stage, we are maintaining an ocean swim events calendar on both OceanFit and oceanswims.com.

Previous oceanswims.com website

An archive of the previous oceanswims.com website can be found at archive.oceanswims.com.au.

Only articles are available for reading on the archived version, and any reference to event dates and information should be ignored as it will be out of date.

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