Killcare Frigid Digits was formed in 1976 and was known as Hardys Bay Frigid Digits Winter Swimming Club until April 2016 when its name was changed to what it is known as today.

Our members are proud that since inception we have had swimmers competing in every Australian Winter Swimming Championships.

There is a great spirit of comradeship within our members and we welcome men, women & children of any swimming ability to join our ranks.

The Killcare Frigid Digits swim every Sunday at 9.30am. We do not have a pool so we anchor some ropes each week. We have heats for 30 meters and 50 meters.

With swimmers in heats of five people, starting from the rocks and swimming parallel to the shore and no black line to follow, it becomes a challenge for some to swim straight. This provides onlookers with some good laughs. It all works very well except in really rough seas and can result in a challenge for our timekeepers.

Our pointscore starts on the first Sunday in May and our season finishes with our Championships on the last Sunday in August.

Swim Location

Putty Beach

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