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November 10, 2016

heron island great barrier reef swim 1611 01
A day after delivering a good talking to
on Goggle Respect, we find this outside a room on Heron Island during the Great Barrier Reef Swim. And, to top it all off, they're View Selenes! Don't know why we bother.

Swims this weekend...

Sunday, November 13Collaroy (e), Watsons Bay (NSW), Busselton, Lake Leschenaultia (WA)

This damn shoulder

By Tim Devlin

Physiotherapist with Balmain Sports Medicine

With spring upon us, the weather (slowly) warming up, the great Australian tradition of outdoor swimming means people are flocking to notch down their laps staring at the black line. It is about this time of year we will start to see a few patients complaining of niggly shoulders from all those laps.

“Swimmer’s shoulder” is an umbrella term referencing a variety of biomechanical and pathological conditions that cause discomfort when swimming. It is common and expected given the amount of shoulder elevation occurring every stroke. In competitive swimmers the incidence is measured as at least 40%, some reports as high as 90%. The shear repetitive nature alone drives this pain – in a typical swimmer’s training load you may expect approximately 15-20,000 individual arm elevations per week.

swimmers shoulder 1

The key for swimming is that the training volume and intensity are unlikely to change, so it is important to look at technical and biomechanical aspects of the movement that can affect this pain. Predisposing factor + mileage = injury!

Restrictions in range of movement are a significant factor that can drive shoulder pain. A certain amount of movement is required in the shoulder girdle alone, but joint stiffness elsewhere, particularly in the trunk and hip will also impact shoulder load.

swimmers shoulder 2Core control also forms a key role in minimising shoulder pain, but not just in the sense of abdominal load. When referencing the “core” in swimming, we are including scapular control as a major focus. A strong scapula and associated shoulder muscles provides a solid foundation on which the shoulder can then produce work. Hip strength also comes into play; technically proficient swimmers will typically propel themselves primarily from the hip, withthe shoulder only acting as a way of applying this force through the water.

Rotator cuff injuries are associated with this poor “core” control, but may also be as a result of direct imbalances within different parts of the rotator cuff itself. Individual variations in joint laxity and ligaments also will affect the stability of the joint. Sometimes, this laxity can develop secondary to technical errors in their own right.

A variety of technical errors may also drive shoulder pain. These include (but are not limited to):

  • Crossing midline on hand entry
  • Crossing midline/wide during pull phase
  • Late breath
  • Insufficient thoracic rotation
  • Degree elbow flexion during pull related to event
  • Poor timing of hip rotation
  • Timing in all strokes

It is also important to note that everyone is different in the pool; no swimmer has perfect technique. If you feel the onset of pain with swimming, it is important to get onto this quickly to not limit your ability to continue training long term. Come and have a chat to our Physiotherapy team and we can clarify any joint restrictions and/or muscle imbalances that may be associated with your current pain and injury.

This article appeared first in the email newsletter of Balmain Sports Medicine of November 6, 2016

Ocean swims calendar 2017

Order now

calendar dhd 17 banner 250Xmas is looming, and so is 2017. So it’s time to order your ocean swims calendar for the New Year from our staff snapper, Glistening Dave.

The calendar includes every swim date we can find in Strãa, New Zealand and the Sarth Pacific, and a few more besides that we deem worthwhile. Pin it on your notice board at work, behind the door in the loo, on the wall in the kitchen, in your home office, your men's shed out the back, your sewing and knitting room, the wall in your hallway, so that you can check swim dates each time you leave home or return. Stick it on your garage door to remind you where you're going when you get in the car. Or get multiples and mount one in each of those places, so that you're constantly surrounded by images of ocean swimming. Or Dave's perceptions of them, anyway.

Your friends would like them for Xmas, too. They would love you even more if you gave them an ocean swims calendar from Glistening Dave.

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Selenes go mirrored

A special for Xmas

view selene mirror 05We’re celebrating. Mrs Sparkle’s fave goggle, the View Selene, has been reinvented with mirrored lenses. They’re very groovy and offer an extra mirror protection from the sun’s glare.

The Selene is the most comfortable gog you will ever wear, and the best all-round gog we’ve ever come across, and we’ve worn a few gogs in our time: it’s made with a soft, wide, silicone seal that doesn’t leave rocky-raccoon marks around your eyes, and it offers a wide field of view and a low profile.

Designed originally for laydees, we probably sell more to blokes these days. We’ve long loved the View Fully Sicks, which also offer a mirrored lens, and now the same look and glare protection is available in the Selenes.

They come in three colour combinations – Pearl Black/Blue, Aquamarine Ice Blue/Yellow (with a glitter frame), and Lavender/Pink.

How are we celebrating? It’s our 2016 Xmas Special: order a pair of View Selene Mirrored gogs and get a pair of Selene non-mirrored gogs for $9 off: that’s almost 30 per cent off the non-mirrored pair. Total $63 + p/h.

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mana fiji swims 1610 22 34Oceanswimsafaris 2017

Dates of our oceanswimsafaris in 2017 –

  • Vanuatu - Port Vila (May 24-29)
  • Vanuatu - Santo (May 31-June 5 Dates TBC)
  • Sulawesi (Indonesia, June 11-19)
  • Yasawas Fiji - Swim with Manta rays (July 16-23) (New oceanswimsafari!)
  • Tonga - Swim with Whales 1 (July 25-Aug 2)
  • Tonga - Swim with Whales 2 (Aug 1-9)
  • Tonga - Swim with Whales 3 (Aug 8-16) - Sold out!
  • San Sebastián (Spain, Aug 23-29)
  • Costa Brava (Spain, Aug 31-Sep 8)
  • Greece's Northern Sporades (Sep 12-21 TBC)
  • Yasawas Fiji (Oct 16-23)
  • Mana Fiji (Oct 24-29) (see pic at right... Mug punter swims Mana three weeks back)
  • Heron Island (Nov 4-8) 

Tell us about your swim group

The vast bulk of ocean swimming takes place not in formal races on the weekend. It happens in the myriad informal swim groups that meet on beaches, at pools, in lakes, rivers, dams, ponds and billabongs all around Strãa, New Zealand and the South Pacific, every day. Locals know their groups, but what if you're travelling? You're in an unfamiliar place, you'd like a swim, but where? With whom? aims to offer the most comprehensive list of informal swim groups and locations in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific. Wherever you are, you should never be without a suggestion of where to swim and with whom. We've received already submissions from swim groups from as far afield as Scotland and Hong Kong. We expect to have the first online in the next week or so. lists swim groups free of charge. Just complete the short form we've posted on our website and click the Submit button. You'll get a copy of your info straightbackatcha, and we'll slot it into our listings. Look under Swims on, or... Click here

recycled caps dress

One of the perennial issues ocean swimmers face is, What to do with old swim caps. Well, you can make a dress from them... Otherwise, watch for our early season Cap Amnesty, coming before Xmas at a Sydney swim. We'll have details, we hope, in our next newsletter.

Swims open to online entry

We have entries online open to a string of new season swims...

Coming soon... Glenelg (Dec 28), Gerringong (Jan 8), South Maroubra (Feb 5)


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