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5 of the best ocean pools along the NSW South Coast

Ocean pools are quintessentially Australian, scattered primarily along the east coast and often boasting azure blue water amid stunning landscapes. 

These pools provide the perfect place to take a dip, swim laps and shelter from rough seas and of course those unwanted sea creatures.

In this edition of our best ocean pool series, we take a look at the best ocean pools in Sydney’s South Coast that you’ll want to add to your bucket list.

Aslings Beach Rockpool

The Aslings Beach Rockpool is located at the Southern end of Ashlings Beach, Eden and was historically used for swimming lessons by students from St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School. 

Originally opened in 1904, the ocean pool is one of the southernmost on the New South Wales coastline. 

This ocean pool is the perfect location for a dip following a walk along the beach. Swimmers can take in the beautiful sights of the dramatic pink and white cliffs surrounding the pool while looking out to the clear ocean water.

Huskisson Sea Pool

The Huskisson Sea Pool is located below the Husky Pub overlooking the stunning Jervis Bay. 

Originally built in 1965 this pool is perfect to get some laps in while overlooking the ocean or enjoy a friendly dip with the family. 

Once you finish enjoying your swim take a wander around the beautiful coastal town known for its rich shipbuilding heritage and even explore the Jervis Bay Maritime Museum & Gallery.

Mollymook Bogey Hole

The Mollymook Bogey Hole is the South Coast’s own Bogey Hole. A natural rock pool sitting on the headland of Mollymook beach. 

The ‘Bogey Hole’ is the perfect place for swimming laps, enjoying a relaxing dip in the saltwater and even a spot of snorkelling on the outer shelf. 

After you enjoy your swim in the saltwater, enjoy some time laying in the sun or enjoying a picnic lunch in the surrounding sheltered area. 

Fun Fact: It is believed that the name “Bogey Hole’ is derived from the Aboriginal word of bathing and was used by Aboriginal people for thousands of years as a place to bathe and trap fish to eat.

Ulladulla Sea Pool

The Ulladulla Sea Pool is one of the lesser-known but incredible beautiful ocean pools along the south coast. 

While swimming in the ocean pool you will be lucky enough to see fossils remaining in the surrounding rocks. 

After you finish your swim enjoy a walk along the beach boardwalk to grab some fish and chips.

The Blue Pool

The Blue Pool was originally built in 1939 and was split into a ‘big’ and a ‘little pool, sitting below towering cliffs. 

The ocean pool is perfect for swimming laps or enjoying a splash with the kids. While swimming in the Blue Pool you will be surrounded by thriving marine life including fish, crabs, snails and nudibranchs who all coexist happily with swimmers. 

Once you finish enjoying your time in the Blue Pool you can enjoy the magnificent coastal views on the viewing platform. This is also the perfect place to watch whales migrate past. 

The Blue Pool was named for its stunning ability to reflect the overhead blue skies and give the water a stunning blue colour. 

Fun Fact: In 1942, there were fears of a Japanese invasion. This prompted the setup of a coast watch above the Blue Pool.

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