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Blind athlete, Gerrard Gosens, is pictured in the open ocean with the Gold Coast skyscrapers in the background. He is tethered to friend and guide, Marty, who is half a body length to Gerrard's right. The sky is blue, the water is clear and it looks like a beautiful day for ocean swimming.

Gerrard Gosens: Swimming blind

Rosie Ning talks with the very talented and incredibly driven Gerrard Gosens, who takes on the surf and open water swimming without vision.

The ocean as the great calibrator

Rosie Ning talks to mother of two autistic children, Irene Turner, about how ocean swimming calibrates her mindset and enables her to face her everyday challenges.

The ladies of Lake Burley Griffin

Canberra import Katie Price shares her story of the ‘Ladies of the Lake’ – an unlikely group of swimmers enjoying the self-anointed ‘most mocked swim venue in Australia’.

Why we swim

Some swim for fitness; some for solitude. Some, for the lifestyle and friendships, and some, literally, for a sea change.






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