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  • Open Water Lessons

My sessions are exclusively one-on-one and personally tailored because no two swimmers are the same.

I can guarantee you a solid introduction to a joyous lifetime of swimming and rough water confidence.

My objective is to get every swimmer correctly balanced with a sustainable rhythmic stroke and beyond-the-break confidence.

If you’re interested, please message me and we’ll talk swimming.

My initial teachings are within the calmer waters of Balmoral, Chowder Bay and various inner harbour locations.

My rough water sessions are at Manly or Bondi Beach.

Depending on the swimmer, I start with a visual of your swimming then a video analysis, and then switch to real-time communication via conductive headsets. I have multiple methods it all depends on the swimmer.

You may just want to swim socially or for its health benefits. You may be a triathlete or a competitive age group ocean swimmer that needs that much-needed extra efficiency.

At the end of the day, most people just want to feel the freedom of swimming in the ocean and enjoy the people and lifestyle that comes with swimming. I’ll do my best to get you there and introduce you to the world of open water swimming.

On the flip side, if you’re nervous about the waves and/or deep water. I can help you gain that much-needed confidence to join a local swimming group.



Gary Emmerton

A lifetime swimmer from all aspects of the sport ocean & pool. A “swimming tragic” is how a friend once described me. A Bondi Lifesaver and previous Bondi Surf Club Masters competition captain.


Bondi Beach
Bondi Beach, New South Wales
Manly Beach
Manly Beach, North Steyne
Sydney Harbour Beaches
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