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We can help you get more entries with less effort

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo. (founded in 1999) and (2009) make up Australasia’s largest, most connected and most experienced open water swimming network, reaching more than 60,000 swimmers annually via our websites, social media, podcasts and email databases.

With more than 20 years involvement pioneering ocean swimming, we have a deep understanding of the open water swimming community and how we can best reach them to meet your goals.

As well as being ocean swimmers ourselves, we are also performance marketing experts and we have designed our event promotional services to work really hard for you.

There’s no set-and-forget for us, instead, both our Promoted Event and Managed Event services are going to get you more entries and generate more revenue for you, whether it’s for your charity or event business, because we both benefit from that success.

And we all know how much goes into delivering an event, so our services will save you time, free up your resources and ensure your event’s online presence, communication and support services are meeting the expectations of participants.

Whilst the promotion and success of your event are paramount to us, by supporting you are also supporting the sport of ocean swimming, with assuming the role of the guardian of ocean swimming and provider of an extensive range of free community online resources, i.e. our swim calendar, directories and magazine-style content.

When you choose to support you are doing your bit to support the sport and everyone benefits from this; you the event organiser, the participants, and us.

I look forward to personally talking you through our event promotional services as well as the additional marketing services we can offer.

Thanks for your support,


Andre Slade

Director, OceanFit Pty Ltd |

Event Promotion & Management Services


Basic Listing

  • Be discovered

This is our basic event listing service where we list every event in Australia and New Zealand, for free.

We may have already added your event to our calendar.

Search below and if your event is listed, check it has the correct details and let us know if you would like any changes made. Note, events only turn up on the Event Calendar when they have a future date set.

Whilst these listings ensure your event exists on our website event calendars, users can find it frustrating when there isn’t the information they expect on the listing, and they’re likely to prefer viewing Promoted Event and Marketed Event listings and therefore be more likely to enter these events.

There are also no accessible links to your event website or entry platform unless a user is signed in to our website which will result in less visits to your official event website.

We suggest a Promoted Event or Managed Event for the greatest promotion across our network.

View a live example of a Basic Listing event listing: Noosa 1000

Event calendar listing example:

Promoted Event

  • Increase entries
  • Grow revenue
  • Better user experience

Promoted Event is a lot more than a featured event.

Your comprehensive listing is created and managed by us each year then promoted through our network of websites, social media and email databases.

Swimmers use and to search and discover new ocean swims to enter. Sometimes they come direct to the website, sometimes through social media or the emails to our database, and sometimes they search on Google, where they find our high-placed listings, before clicking through to learn more.

When your event is promoted across our network, people will hear about it and with a fully-featured listing they will be more likely to enter it.

On top of this, when you pay for this service, you and your swimmers will be contributing to the growth and development of ocean swimming in Australia, which delivers through its free community content, sport and event promotion and advocacy.

If you’re signing up for a Promoted Event listing, it’s likely because you have your own website and booking system. A Promoted Event will increase your chances of event success, however, you will need to coordinate the management of your own website, entries and marketing yourself.

Looking for a better, easier way? Our Managed Event service provides a completely hands-off, one-stop-shop for online event marketing and entries.

View a live example of a Promoted Event listing: Coogee Island Challenge

Event calendar listing example:

$ Investment

Events with 0-999 entries

  • Greater Sydney* – $795 (20 entrants needed to get a return on investment^)
  • Regional NSW – $595 (15)
  • VIC/QLD – $495 (13)
  • WA/SA/ACT/TAS/NT – $395 (10)

*Greater Sydney region includes Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle, Wollongong
^based on average entry fee of $40

Events with 1,000+ entries

All Locations – $995^ (25)

Managed Event

  • Full-service and advice
  • Save time and resources
  • Best practice delivery
  • Acquisition and retention focus
  • Happy and supported participants

Managed Event is the easiest and most cost-effective way for you as an event organiser to outsource the online marketing and operations of your event to professionals, leaving you to concentrate on what you do best, organising and running the on-ground and in-water aspects of the event and local area marketing (i.e. posters, banners and local newspaper/radio).

When you hand over the online marketing and operations to us, you can sit back while we work hard to retain your previous entrants and acquire new participants.

Our process starts with a strategy for your event and follows with execution across our entire network to attract swimmers and nurture them through the registration process.

In a nutshell, we feature your event and promote it extensively, take entries, and then coordinate with your timing provider for a smooth, hassle-free, event day experience. After the event, we follow up with participants and get their feedback to help make your next event even better.

Why would you want to try and manage separate entry platforms, advertising and websites, as well as timing providers, when we can save you and your team hours of work by managing it all for you at a cost-effective price?

View a live example of a Managed Event listing: Buckler To Bergs Ocean Swim

Event calendar listing example:

$ Investment

  • Management Fee (Fixed) – $695
  • Service Fee (Commission)* – 7.5%
  • Participant Booking Fee^ – $2.77

Management Fee and Service Fee exclude GST.

*Fee includes Full Featured Event Listing, Event Marketing, Entry Management (Including all Registration Processing Fees and Payment Processing Fees) and Entrant Support.

^The Participant Booking Fee is added to each sub-event price and is paid by the entrant..

Found a cheaper Event Registration Service? Remember that our pricing is for our full suite of Managed Event services, including Event Registration.

Additional Fees & Terms

Additional fees and associated terms and conditions apply to events that are postponed or cancelled. Please contact us for a complete fee schedule.

Event Promotional Campaigns

For large events looking for greater event brand awareness, we can put together a bespoke promotional campaign to run across our network. This can involve banner advertising on our websites and email newsletter, solus email campaigns, social media and integrated content.

Talk to us about your objectives and budget and we’ll design the best campaign for your needs.

We can even design your banners for you!

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