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A message from Andre

It’s been humbling to acquire this year to add to our OceanFit business which we have been operating since 2009., founded in 1999, and now make up Australasia’s largest, most connected and most experienced open water swimming network, reaching more than 350,000 swimmers annually via our websites, social media, podcasts and email databases.

With more than 20-years involvement pioneering ocean swimming, we have a deep understanding of the open water swimming community and how we can best reach them to meet your goals.

As well as being ocean swimmers ourselves, we are also performance marketing experts and we have designed our event promotional services to work really hard for you. 

There’s no set and forget for us, instead, both our Promoted Event and Marketed Event are going to get you more entries and generate more revenue for you because we both benefit from that success.

The pricing of our services hasn’t changed for the majority of small events, in fact, there’s likely to be a reduction in pricing as we have consolidated the commission on Marketed Events. Larger events will be asked to contribute slightly more from now on for Promoted Events, however, as a percentage of event revenue it still remains exceptional value for money.

Whilst the promotion and success of your event is paramount to us, by supporting you are also supporting the sport of ocean swimming in Australia, with continuing its role as the national champion of the sport and provider of an extensive range of free community online resources, i.e. our swim calendar, directory and magazine.

When you choose to support you are doing your bit to support the sport.

I look forward to personally talking you through your promotional opportunities with us as well as the additional marketing services we can offer.

Thanks for your support,


Andre Slade

Director, OceanFit Pty Ltd |

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Basic Listing

This is our basic event listing service where we attempt to list every event in every state.

We may have already added your event to our calendar.

Search below and if your event is listed, check it has the correct details and let us know if you would like any changes made.

Whilst these listings ensure your event exists on our website event calendars, they can be hard to discover for swimmers because Promoted Events and Marketed Events take precedence. There are also no links to your event website or entry platform, which can make it hard for swimmers to enter.

We suggest a Promoted Event or Marketed Event for the greatest promotion across our network. 

Promoted Event

A Promoted Event is a lot more than a featured event.

Your comprehensive listing is created and managed by us each year then promoted through our network of websites, social media and email databases.

Swimmers use and to search and discover new ocean swims to enter. Sometimes they come direct to the website, sometimes through social media or the emails to our database, and sometimes they search on Google, where they find our high-placed listings, before clicking through to learn more.

When your event is promoted across our network, people will hear about it and with a fully-featured listing they will be more likely to enter it.

On top of this, when you pay for this service, you and your swimmers will be contributing to the growth and engagement of the wider sport of ocean swimming in Australia, and therefore your event, by supporting’s free community content, sport promotion and advocacy.

If you’re signing up for a Promoted Event listing, it’s likely because you have your own website and booking system. A Promoted Event will increase your chances of event success, however, you will need to coordinate the management of your own website, entries and marketing yourself.

Looking for a better, easier way? Our Marketed Event service provides a completely hands-off, one-stop-shop for online event marketing and entries.

Previously, a Featured Event included a link on the homepage, a detailed listing description and mentions in the weekly email. This was priced at a flat fee of $625 (charity) and $1,250 (commercial).

Now, our Promoted Event includes exceptional value, promoting your event across the entire and network, including our websites, social media and email databases, and significantly enhances the look and feel of your event listing.

Charity events

The base price of $625 hasn’t changed for small events of <250, however, we have included an additional 50c charge per entrant over 250 entries that incorporates both a performance fee (a reward for actively striving to increase your entry numbers) and our new Ocean Swimming Community Contribution.

The minimum annual fee to keep your Promoted Listing on the network is $625.

Commercial events

A base price of $625 and an additional $1 charge per entrant over 250 entries that incorporates both a performance fee (a reward for actively striving to increase your entry numbers) and our new Ocean Swimming Community Contribution, replaces the previous flat fee of $1,250.

The minimum annual fee to keep your Promoted Listing on the network is $625.

The OSCC is a small amount paid per entrant, to help support the operations of In return, we can continue to promote the sport of ocean swimming, provide our free community content and be an advocate for the sport. The charge is incorporated into the first $625/250 entrants, and then forms part of the 50c per entrant for charity events and $1 for commercial events above 250 entries.

Invoices are issued at the completion of your event.

Events with under 250 entrants will be invoiced $625+GST.

Events over 250 entrants will be invoiced $625 + 50c (charity) or $1 (commercial) for additional entries over 250.

Events that are cancelled will be invoiced the minimum $625.

In the lead up to the anniversary of your Promoted Event listing, you will be asked to confirm you wish to renew your Promoted Event listing.

Pricing table

Example of pricing at various entrant breaks, with the actual price being determined by event entries.

*The average number of additional entrants needed to cover the Promoted Event price, at the average price of $40 per entry, illustrates the small amount of incremental entries we need to be responsible for in order for you to enjoy a positive return on marketing investment (ROMI). We would expect to be responsible for significantly more entries that the minimum ROMI, meaning your event is likely to make more revenue from purchasing this service than it costs you.

i.e. if your event has a total of less than 250 entrants, for every entrant we are directly responsible for over 16 entrants will be additional revenue for you.

Promoted Event (Charity)
Promoted Event (Commercial)
*Average number of additional entrants needed to cover fee

Excludes GST

Marketed Event

This is the previous service of Entry Management & Featured Event (now including Event Marketing & Entrant Support)

A Marketed Event is the easiest and most cost-effective way for you as an event organiser to outsource the online marketing and operations of your event to professionals, leaving you to concentrate on what you do best, organising and running the on-ground and in-water aspects of the event.

When you hand over the online marketing and operations to us, you can sit back while we work hard to retain your previous entrants and acquire new participants.

Our process starts with a strategy for your event and follows with a plan to utilise our entire network to attract swimmers and nurture them through the booking process.

In a nutshell, we feature your event and promote it extensively, take entries, and then coordinate with your timing provider for a smooth, hassle-free, event day experience. After the event, we follow up with participants and get their feedback to help make your next event even better.

Why would you want to try and manage separate entry platforms, advertising and websites, as well as timing providers, when we can manage it all for you at a cost-effective price?

We have simplified the service fee structure for what was previously a Featured Event Listing + Entry Management.

The new Marketed Event Service Fee is a flat-rate 7%, instead of the previously tiered service fee (1-250 = 7.5%, 251-500 = 7%, 500+ 6.5%).

The previous $625 Featured Event fee, which was optional, is now standard in the pricing. For almost all events this has resulted in a slight reduction in price + a huge increase in promotional value for you.

The OSCC is incorporated into the commission.

Yes. A Marketed Event includes both the previous Featured Event and Entry Management service.

The Featured Event is now enhanced as the website has been refreshed and featured events are no longer simply a link on the homepage, but are now more visible throughout the website (and also across

Entry Management remains the same.

On top of these services, there is now comprehensive Event Marketing and Entrant Support services included.

There are five major new inclusions in a Marketed Event that weren’t previously offered (for the same price):

  1. Events are promoted across both and
  2. We will email previous entrants to your event in the lead up to your event to try and convince them to re-enter (it’s easier to get previous entrants to register again than find new entrants)
  3. We will promote your event across our social media accounts
  4. We will feature your event in our emails to our database of 55k+ ocean swimmers
  5. We will provide full email and online chat support for your event

Absorbing the Payment Process Fee (Recommended)

If you absorb the Payment Processing Fee into your Entry Fee, the price the entrant pays includes the Payment Processing Fee.

i.e. Entry fee = $40

Passing on the Payment Processing Fee

If you pass on the Payment Processing Fee to the entrant on top of your entry fee, the price the entrant pays will be the Entry Fee plus the Payment Processing Fee.

i.e. Entry fee = $40 + PPF

In both instances, will charge an Ocean Swimming Community Contribution Fee to the entrant on top of the Entry Fee.

Pricing table

Promoted Event Fee
Marketed Event Service Fee
(Event absorbs Payment Processing Fee into entry fee)
Marketed Event Service Fee
(End user pays Payment Processing Fee on top of entry fee)

All fees excludes GST

*Includes: Full Event Listing, Event Marketing, Entry Management and Entrant Support. An Ocean Swimming Community Contribution Fee is charged to the end user per booking.
^Payment processing fee is 1.4%

Found an Entry Management service with a cheaper Service Fee? Remember that our Service Fee is for our full suite of Marketed Event services, including Entry Management.

Services & Price Comparison

Compare our services to using a 3rd-party entries-only service

Before you can compare our services (and price) to an entries-only service, you need to understand exactly what each service offers. The table below gives you a summary of these services.

  • If you choose to use a 3rd-party entry processing service, you will need to do all your own event marketing yourself
  • If you choose a Marketed Event, we will do all your online event marketing AND process your entries for you
Service offered
3rd-party Entry Processing
Marketed Event Service
Primary Service
Entry processing
Event marketing
Entry processing
Primary Objective
Process your entries
Get you more event entries
Event Focus
All types of events
Only ocean swims
Event Listing
On their generic events website
Promoted across our ocean swims network
Event Marketing
Full event marketing service
Website/Database/Social Media
Entry Management
Up to event start time
Up to event start time
Entrant Support
Generic support
Trusted ocean swimming experts
Timing Services
Works with all providers
Works with all providers

Compare our pricing to using a 3rd-party entries-only service

The table below gives you an indication of the cost to you for our Marketed Event service versus a 3rd-party entry processing-only service or a combination of a 3rd-party entry processing and our Promoted Event service. 

We have used the median event fee of $40 and a mid-range 3rd-party entry processing cost of 5.2% (3% booking fee & 2.2% payment processing fee) – correct at time of publishing. 

As an example, for a charity event of <250 participants it will only cost you an extra $180 to have us completely manage your online marketing and entries, including the additional event marketing services, than it would to manage your entries and promotion separately (and you would still need to manage your own event marketing).

Entry Fee
Total Event Revenue
Promoted Event
3rd-Party Entries
PE + 3rd-Party Entries
Marketed Event
Only $1,325
Only $2,025
Only $2,725
Only $3,425
Only $4,825
Only $6,225
Only $7,625

Charity Event vs Commercial Event

Charity Event

A charity event is an event run by and benefiting a registered charity, i.e. Surf Life Saving Clubs.

Commercial Event

A commercial event is an event run by a for-profit commercial business, including if the event is also supporting a charity.

Additional event services

Bulk text message

When entrants need to be contacted quickly with a greater chance of receipt, we can send a bulk text message. This is mainly used for postponement or cancellations, however, can be used for any important communication.

Price: $25 + $0.08 per text message

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