• This event was last held on Sun, 7 May 2023

Byron Bay Ocean Swim Classic

  • Byron Bay NSW
  • 800m & 2.2km

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Quick Overview

  • Main Beach, Byron Bay NSW
  • 800m & 2.2km
  • Ocean Swim
  • Point To Point

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The Byron Bay ocean swim classic is definitely one of the classics.

A favourite of the traditional ocean swimmers, the classic is held on the first Sunday in May each year – kicking off the winter swimming season.

The swim itself attracts a broad range of swimmers from throughout Australia – and it has been won by some of the biggest names in open water swimming in Australia, including past Olympians including Grant Hackett, Ky Hurst and Melissa Gorman.

Swim courses

800m mini clinic

The mini classic is for those who will find the 2.2km a little bit out of their depth. The swim, like the classic, is a point to point swim, making its way from Clarkes Beach to Main Beach.

2.2km point to point

Start with a short bus ride from the surf club to the starting point on Wategos Beach. The classic swim then journey’s 2.2km from Wategos Beach around The Pass and across the Bay to Main Beach.

While you’re there

The Byron Bay event is more than just the officially organised swim. Each morning swimmers gather to swim together, make new friends and enjoy each others company. Meet at the surf club at 8am – you’ll see everyone gathering in their cossies. Following the morning swims everyone enjoys a coffee across the road at the pub across the road.

This is one of those events you just want to soak up as much ocean swimming and ocean swimming culture as possible. If you’re in doubt about what’s on offer, simply ask a local swimmer – they’ll be the bronzed ones in their cossies with their cap and googles tucked in.

If the one swim is enough, then one of the best things about Byron Bay is the ability to explore all it has to offer at your own pace. The area has a laidback vibe that matches well with a relaxed visit.

Travel and parking

There’s beach parking available, but it’ll be tight. You can head south down Lawson Street for on-street parking.

If you’re flying to the event, you’ll be arriving at Ballina airport, so rent a car, take a shuttle or hail a taxi.


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