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Indented Head Wreck 2 Reef Open Water Swim

  • Indented Head VIC
  • 300m, 600m, 800m, 1.2km & 2.5km


    The Indented Head Wreck 2 Reef Open Water Swim is organised by

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        • Half Moon Bay, Indented Head VIC
        • 300m, 600m, 800m, 1.2km & 2.5km
        • Ocean Swim
        • Around A Feature, Around The Buoys, Point To Point


            • Half Moon Bay
            • Indented Head VIC, Australia


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            The Indented Head Wreck 2 Reef Open Water Swim Classic takes place at Half Moon Bay, VIC, and is organised by the Indented Head Yacht Club.

            Swimmers can choose from five distances; a 600m, 800m, 1.2km and 2.5km ocean swim and 300m Dash for Cash in an around-a-feature and around-the-buoys course format.

            This swim is great for open water swimmers of all levels from the beginner to the experienced as it takes place in the calm protected waters of Half Moon Bay on the Bellarine Peninsula.

            This event is the seventh event in the Great Victorian Swim Series.

            300m Dash 

            The 300m Dash is open to swimmers aged 12 years and under. The swim course will see swimmers circle a triangular swim course passing three buoys before digging for cash on completion. 

            600m Salty Bitches Yellow Pole Swim 

            The inaugural Salty Bitches Yellow Pole Swim is for those new to organised swim events. The course will see swimmers, swim out to yellow pole four before turning around and returning to shore to finish. 

            800m Novice Swim

            The 800m novice swim is open to all ages and is a great distance for those not wanting to conquer the 1.2km or 2.5km events. The swim course will see swimmers, complete a triangular course while passing two buoys. 

            1.2km Open Water Swim 

            The 1.2km open water swim is for swimmers of all abilities. The swim course will see swimmers circumnavigate past buoy one, two, three and five. Free entry is given to all those registered for the 2.5km swim. 

            2.5km Open Water Swim 

            The 2.5km open water swim will see swimmers complete a point-to-point swim course. 

            Parking is available in the car park next to the Indented Head Yacht Club and also along the Foreshore and the Esplanade.

            Please allow 15 minutes walking time from the Registration Hall to the 2.5km start line opposite the corner of Walpole Ave & The Esplanade

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