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Event results
  • paul nichols
    30 Jan 2022 at 12:53pm

    great swim

  • Andrew L
    30 Jan 2022 at 2:17pm

    Always a GREAT swim!

  • Mark Wilson
    30 Jan 2022 at 2:39pm

    Great event and well organized.

  • Wayne Bower
    30 Jan 2022 at 3:36pm

    This was my first (not last) ocean swim after recently doing my bronze medallion. What an experience! Really well run event by the local surf club and all their volunteers, heaps of safety support and fast efficient process at sign up online and on the day. Thanks heaps to all those who made it so great.

  • Bevan McGregor
    31 Jan 2022 at 9:49am

    Perfect day. Beautiful undersea views over the reef. Very enjoyable swim well organised. Thanks for a good day.

  • Bevan McGregor
    31 Jan 2022 at 9:51am

    Perfect day. Beautiful underwater scenery over the reef. Lovely swim well organised. Thanks for a nice day out.

  • Adrian dernee
    1 Feb 2022 at 7:28am

    Extremely enjoyable

  • Georgie
    28 Jan 2023 at 3:39pm

    Really great point to point swim. Well organised, great water safety, excellent atmosphere, easy to walk from one beach to the other. And absolutely perfect ocean swimming conditions today. My favourite swim every year!

  • Anabelle
    28 Jan 2023 at 3:44pm

    Lots of buoys out, made it easy to see. Great having 2 waves on entry.

  • Paul
    28 Jan 2023 at 4:13pm

    Fantastic event. Well organised and beautiful swim

  • John Graham
    28 Jan 2023 at 4:37pm

    Well organised swim, year after year no hitches. As for the experience – epic journey out into the ocean between two beaches separated by a one km flat walk, with plenty of coffee and food onsite at each and in the city centre just behind.

  • Ricky
    28 Jan 2023 at 4:54pm

    Without doubt the BEST ocean swim I have ever done. Perfect day, perfect conditions. Well run. Congratulations to all involved in the organization of this event. 🤙🏽

  • Stuart Pigott
    28 Jan 2023 at 5:42pm

    Always a great swim. Top 1,2,3 For women is even better. Only gripe would be cost ( extra $ for tee, no swim cap included) is $$$$$. Overall, a great day that was gifted perfect conditions. Look forward to next years event.

  • Graeme Healy
    28 Jan 2023 at 8:43pm

    My fourth N2N – best so far thanks in no small measure to the favourable conditions. This helps a lot for those of us in our late 60s.
    Congratulations to the organizers. A small suggestion – please ask the safety support to avoid wearing vests the same colour as the cans. I found it a bit disorientating at times.

  • Gab S
    29 Jan 2023 at 5:23am

    The most wonderfully iconic swim. Well run, friendly and fun.

  • Bevan McGregor
    29 Jan 2023 at 11:35am

    Beautiful swim over the reef at the start with bright green Caulerpa seagrass. Perfect conditions. Go the girls; as the race director said at the briefing “they are the best”. Good to see them at the front for a change. Just the right blend of management by the surf club; organised but relaxed. Put a $1 levy on next year for a new PA at the start. Thanks for a lovely day. Didn’t stay for the presentation & the bacon & egg roll; just too hot even after the swim. Lovely conversations with other swimmers.

  • John Lawson
    29 Jan 2023 at 5:03pm

    Great event and fantastically organised by Newy Surf Club.
    Perfect day all-round

  • Craig MacClure
    30 Jan 2023 at 4:04pm

    Always a great day, Lee and the team do a great job.

  • Kate B
    30 Jan 2023 at 5:04pm

    Fantastic swim and very well organised – felt very safe.

  • Carolin K
    31 Jan 2023 at 12:09pm

    great swim that was really well organised. very supportive and professional water safety. Being rather shortsighted, I do require a lot of directional guidance when swimming and felt very safe and extremely well supported by the water safety team! Thanks a lot!

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