• This event was last held on Sun, 15 Oct 2023

North Cottesloe Cold Water Classic

  • North Cottesloe WA
  • 1km, 2km & 4km

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Quick Overview

  • North Cottesloe Beach, North Cottesloe WA
  • 1km, 2km & 4km
  • Ocean Swim
  • Around The Buoys
  • 9-years-old

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The North Cottesloe Cold Water Classic is first swim in the Perth open water swim calendar.

This community and family-friendly event will have multiple categories to appeal to the beginner, or more experienced open water swimmer keen for something a bit different.

After the success of the recently implemented new race format, organisers are building on the duo teams format. Once again there will be changeovers after each 500m lap for the 1km, 2km and 4 km duo races. There is a 4km solo option for those wanting a longer swim.

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