Event Type
Swim Distances

1km & 2.3km

Swim Start Times

8.30am - 1km

  • 1st wave: 10-39 years old
  • 2nd wave: 40 years old and over

11.00 - 2.3km (Shark Island)

  • 1st wave: Elite
  • 2nd wave: 13-29 years
  • 3rd wave: 30-39 years
  • 4th wave: 40-49 years
  • 5th wave: 50-59 years
  • 6th wave: 60 years and over
Minimum Age

2.3km - 13-years and over, 1km - 10-years and over

Other Event Info

For official event information, including prizes, swimsuit policy, and safety, please visit the official event website.

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