• This event was last held on Sun, 6 Feb 2022

SWA OWS Series: Mandurah

  • Mandurah WA
  • 500m, 1.25km, 2.5km & 5km

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Quick Overview

  • Mandurah Beach, Mandurah WA
  • 500m, 1.25km, 2.5km & 5km
  • Ocean Swim
  • Around The Buoys
  • Sat, 21 Oct 2023
  • Sat, 4 Nov 2023
  • Sat, 25 Nov 2023
  • Sun, 10 Dec 2023
  • Sat, 30 Dec 2023

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The SWA Open Water Swimming Series: Mandurah is the ninth round of the SWA Open Water Series.

Held at Town Beach, Mandurah, Western Australia, this event offers 500m, 1.25km, 2.5km and 5km open water swims in an around the buoy course format.

SWA Open Water Swimming Series

The SWA Open Water Swimming Series is the largest Open Water Swimming series in Western Australia, hosted by Swimming WA.

The series has become a steadfast in the Western Australia Open Water swimming calendar, attracting both amateur and professional swimmers.

Currently, the series runs from October to March and includes 11 events across Perth and regional Western Australia.

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