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The Ruby

  • Wanaka NZ
  • 100m, 200m, 1.2km, 2.5km, 3.8km, 5km & 10km

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Quick Overview

  • Lake Wanaka, Wanaka NZ
  • 100m, 200m, 1.2km, 2.5km, 3.8km, 5km & 10km
  • Lake Swim
  • Around A Feature, Around The Buoys

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The Ruby Swim takes place at at Wanaka, New Zealand and is organised by Ruby Events.

Swimmers can choose from eight swim swim distances in an around a feature and around-the-buoys course format.

-The Ruby 10 is the South Islands only 10km marathon lake swim and sees swimmers experience the incredible senestion of going over the edge of the underwater cliff, four epic times.

– The Ruby 5 is a 5km lake swim and is the perfect distance for those not quite up to conquering the Ruby 10.

– The Iron Ruby is a 3.8km full distance Ironman swim and is the perfect distance to test yourself if you are preparing for an Ironman. Swimmers will swim two laps around the island, starting to the left of the rocky promontory at Waterfall Creek before swimming out around a buoy near the jetty and continuing on their way around the island. At the southern tip of Ruby Island, swimmers will ‘fly’ over the underwater cliff twice before finishing on the beach.There is money on the line for the three fastes male and female times.

– The Ruby is a 2.5km one lap swim around the iconic Ruby Island and is the centrepiece of the day. This is the perfect distance if you feel the 3.8km Iron Ruby is too long and 1.2km Return to the Jetty is too short. Winners of both the male and female event will receive special winners rings and a cash prize. Be sure to take in the breathtaking island sights and underwater terrain while you circumnavigate the island.

– The Return of the Jetty is a 1.2km swim to Ruby Island before swimmers jump off the the Jetty (getting their best photo) before making the trip back to the finish line.

– The Island is the ultimate destination swim. Swimmers will swim 600m to conquer the island before getting a boat ride back to the mainland.

– Little Gems is a 200m swim not far from the shoreline for the kids to enjoy.

– The Mint Gems is a 200m swim for those with intellectual distabilities and additional needs. All participants will cross the finish line on a red carpet and be awarded a crystal trophy.

Unfortunately, the Ruby 5 and Ruby 10 will be run parallel with each other and not sequentially, therefore, you can only enter one swim distance.




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