Event Type
Swim Distances

1km & 2.8km

Swim Start Times
  • 7:30am - Registration open
  • 8:30am - Little Big Swim start (1km)
  • 10:00am - Big Swim start (2.8km)
Swim Pricing

Little Big Swim

  • 10 to 16-years-old - $30
  • 17+ years-old - $45

Big Swim

  • 12-16-years-old - $35
  • 17+ years-old - $55

Late entries on-the-day +$20

Minimum Age

Little Big Swim = 10-years-old, Big Swim = 12-years-old


Palm Beach NSW, Australia

Other Event Info

For complete event information, including the most up-to-date COVID-19 & vaccinations policy, please visit the official event website.

Elite Swimmers

Wave 1 is known as the Elite Wave, and will be comprised of elite and other faster swimmers.

There are limited places available in the elite Wave. The top 10% will be determined by reference to the Order of Precedence maintained by oceanswims.com. Swimmers who have not competed in ocean swim before could submit a 1 km pool time for consideration.

For a space in the 2022 Elite Wave, please send an email to [email protected] with details and attend the timing tent on the morning of the swim for approval. Entry will be closed 30 minutes before race start time at 9:30am.

Fins n Skins

The final wave of the race is the Fins n Skins event. This is only wave where flippers and wetsuits are allowed. Should you wish to swim join this wave, make sure you select Fins n Skins on the entry form.

Refund & Cancellation Policy

The organiser of this event, Whale Beach SLSC, is a registered charity. This event is a major fundraiser for the club, and all proceeds go towards providing its volunteer lifesaving services to the community.

Cancelling your entry

Should you wish to cancel your entry, for any reason, at any time, the following applies:

  • Refunds are not available, your entry fee will be donated to the club

Event cancellation

Should the event be cancelled due to poor and/or dangerous ocean conditions, or Government-mandated health restrictions, the following will apply:

  • Entries will not be refunded
  • The organiser may, at their discretion, choose another date for the event in the same season and rollover entries to the new date
  • Should another date not be found within the same season, the event will be deemed to be cancelled, and there will be no refunds.

The organiser thanks you for your understanding and support.

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  • Andrew Rice
    30 Jan 2022 at 1:18pm

    Amazing event! Well run and really enjoyable! Only clocked 2.4km instead of 2.8 but that hot the end of the world. Would highly recommend doing this swim!

  • Annie K
    30 Jan 2022 at 2:20pm

    Such a well run event. All the volunteers both in and out of the water were friendly and helpful!
    Thanks for all your efforts-will be back next year👍

  • Lisa
    30 Jan 2022 at 3:04pm

    Fabulous event. Well organised. Fabulous vibe. Thanks to all who helped make it a success.

  • Patricia Major
    30 Jan 2022 at 3:17pm

    I am so happy and proud that I participated in the little big swim. I will definitely be doing the big swim next year. Very well organized and supported event. Thanks to everyone involved.

  • Josh
    30 Jan 2022 at 4:14pm

    Well organised. Beautiful swim. Delicious fruit to eat at the finish line

  • Sam Gilchrist
    30 Jan 2022 at 5:56pm

    Thoroughly enjoyed todays swim to Whale. It’s been 11yrs since I last had a go.

    The parking and shuttle service from the soccer park was very well run. Particular mention to the people who managed the exit and stopping traffic to allow us out.

  • Fin Crawford
    1 Feb 2022 at 9:49am

    As always a well organised & great day out. Though it was The Shorter Big Swim this year – the start seemed to be 50 metres south of where it is normally is & the cans were in much closer than normal on the way around to Whaley & then when you got to Whaley the cans were
    on an angle into the beach/finish gate where usually they take you pretty much straight across the beach then make a hard right into the beach/finish
    We love the Big Swim because it usually is the Biggest/Longest Swim
    @ around 2.8km (unless you like 5km swims ) Thank again for a fun day out.

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