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  • Simon Glastonbury
    3 Dec 2022 at 2:59pm

    Pretty much everything went smoothly, lots of lifesavers on the course, the buoys were easy to see. The only odd thing was being asked to walk quite the long way round to the start.
    A great event!

  • Nick
    3 Dec 2022 at 4:15pm

    It was a great day. Well organised. Friendly helpers. The only improvement might be in making the groups that start the race together, smaller. There was a lot of over-swimming. And people with wet suits tended to catch up and overtake quickly, bumping into the oldies 🙂
    Also, the chop makes it hard to see the buoys and maintain course. Is there any way to give them more visibility?
    Thanks for a great day.

  • Abraham Tiscareno
    3 Dec 2022 at 5:10pm

    Amazing event, the vibe is great. The community is heavily involved that gives it an even better atmosphere!

    Will be doing it again and encourage people to do it if they haven’t yet

  • NML
    4 Dec 2022 at 8:47am

    Well organised and a great day. Would be great to see a more realistic price so minorities are not excluded.

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