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  • Sun, 19 May 2024

South Head Roughwater

  • Bondi Beach NSW
  • 10km


    The South Head Roughwater is organised by
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      Quick Overview

      • Sun, 19 May 2024
      • Bondi Beach, Bondi Beach NSW
      • 10km
      • Ocean Swim
      • Point To Point
      • 15-years-old


      • Bondi Beach
      • Bondi Beach NSW, Australia


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      The South Head Roughwater from Bondi to Watson’s Bay is an epic 10km swim and is not for the faint-hearted.

      Also known as the “Bondi to Watsons Bay ocean swim” – obviously because of the course the swim follows – the Roughwater provides the ultimate challenge for advanced ocean swimmers looking to take on the elements and themselves just as winter starts to set in.

      If you’ve been training all summer, taking in many of the ocean swims on offer throughout the country, then this swim can be the icing on the cake.

      If taking on the Roughwater is a step too far this year, why don’t you get a team together and enjoy this magnificent swim with your friends.

      You can put together teams of up to six swimmers.

      More to it than your average swim

      As you can imagine, this swim brings with it a lot more challenges than your average off-the-beach, around-the-buoys swim.

      There are compulsory briefings, each swimmer/team must have a boat accompany them and a number of other responsibilities you will need to research before you register. It’s important to note that each individual solo swimmer requires their own support boat. If you would like to share a boat, you will need to enter as a team.

      For this swim, we recommend you take the time to learn about what’s involved, give yourself plenty of time to organise a boat (mandatory) and lead paddler (optional), and ensure you’re completed the necessary training to ensure you’re in the best shape come event day.

      You can read about the Process For Entering on the ‘Additional Information’ tab, below.

      This is an epic swim – no two ways about it.

      You start on the beach at North Bondi, stare out to the end of Ben Buckler, and then take off and round the headland before swimming north along the cliffs to the entrance of Sydney Harbour. Entering the harbour, you pass Camp Cove and hook a left until you weave your way into Watsons Bay, finishing in front of the Watsons Bay Hotel.

      Compulsory briefing

      • When: Friday, 17 May 2024 @ 7pm
      • Where: Watsons Bay Hotel
      • Who: Swimmers (at least one per team)
      • Includes: Swim number allocation and the issue of swim caps

      On the day

      • 9:00 am – Solo swimmer start
      • 9:15 am – Duos and Teams start

      Please see the Information Booklet for the full schedule.

      There’s only one thing left to do after this epic journey, and that is to celebrate with your support crew and team at the Watsons Bay Hotel. Crack a bottle of champagne and it’s ‘cheers’ to everyone – enjoy the spoils!

      This is a complex event and you’ll need to manage your own parking at both ends and that of your support staff.

      The process for entering this event is more comprehensive than standard ocean swim events. Please ensure you complete all the steps below in order to be officially entered.

      Step 1: Pre-reading

      Read the Event Information Booklet to educate yourself on everything involved in participating in the event, including the requirement for a boat and spotter (paddler optional).

      Step 2: Provisional Entry

      • Enter the event via the online entry form
      • Pay your entry fee

      Step 3: Complete the forms

      We suggest viewing the forms to see what information is required, then collecting all the information and completing the forms.

      When your Provisional Entry and all the forms are completed, you are officially entered.

      Entries close at 5pm on Thursday, 16 May 2024

      Step 4: Attend the compulsory briefing

      Friday, 17 May 2024 @ 7 pm at the Watsons Bay Hotel


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      South Head Roughwater

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