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The Cosy Gropers swim group are a motley crew of open water swimmers, who swim out of "Cosy Corner", Torquay Front Beach in Victoria.

We enter the water at a respectable 8 am on every Saturday all year around.Various participants also swim on Tuesdays, Thursdays & Sundays as well.

We have 2 yellow turning bouys to navigate towards plus various land features. All types of abilities are welcome to join in & we always regroup after each leg of our swim.

Mini swims are called throughout the morning as we navigate from point to point.Distances are typically from as short as 300 meters to as long as 1.2 kilometres,before resting,regrouping & going again.

Conditions depending,we generally are leaving the water between 50 minutes & 75 minutes after starting - coffee time!

Meeting place

There are 2 meeting "on land" meeting points. Both are at and around the 2 separate local ammeneties blocks, found at the southernmost end of Torquay Front Beach. At 8 am, both groups enter the water & then meet up at the southernmost bouy, B1. From here, our swim morning begins.

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  • 28 Mar 2023 12:54am local time

This listing is provided to foster connections within the open water swimming community. We can't guarantee the group is still active or that the details are correct. Please visit the group website or social accounts, or visit the meeting place at the times stated to enquire.Open water swimming is risky and water safety is not guaranteed. Swimmers take personal responsibility for their own safety.
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