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  • Sun, 12 Nov 2023

The Collaroy Beach Ocean Swims

  • Collaroy NSW
  • 300m, 800m & 1.5km


    The The Collaroy Beach Ocean Swims is organised by
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      Quick Overview

      • Sun, 12 Nov 2023
      • Collaroy Beach, Collaroy NSW
      • 300m, 800m & 1.5km
      • Ocean Swim
      • Around The Buoys
      • 300m - 8-10-years-old, 800m - 10-years-old, 1.5km - 14-years-old


      • Collaroy Beach
      • Collaroy NSW, Australia


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      If you’re after a swim that will show you some of the best marine life Sydney has to offer, The Collaroy Beach Ocean Swims, brought to you by The Collaroy, is just that.

      The event on Sydney’s northern beaches has three swims over relatively short distances, 300m, 800m and 1.5km, the latter two over martini glass-shaped courses.

      All swims take you over reef patches that highlight the local marine biodiversity.

      Collaroy Beach is actually situated smack bang in the middle of one of Sydney’s largest marine parks, Long Reef Aquatic Reserve.

      Collaroy Beach is an open beach nestled inside the northern corner of Long Reef Headland. While the beach has slight shelter from the headland, it remains exposed to the elements with shifting banks, gutters and rips depending on the size of the swell.

      The 300m swim is ideal for young swimmers 8-10-years-old keen for their first taste of ocean swimming and to develop confidence in the open water.

      The 800m swim is for ages 10+ and the distance is perfect for children taking the next step or adults diving in for the first time or still developing their swim fitness.

      Finally, the 1.5km swim is for ages 14 years and older, taking in the magnificent aquatic marine park.

      • 7:30am – Registration opens
      • 8:30am – 300m swim
      • 9:00am – 800m swim
      • 9:30am – Registration closes
      • 10:00am – 1.5km swim
      • From 11:30am – Presentations

      From 11.30am (after the 1.5k swim), everyone is invited to The Collaroy Hotel, adjacent to the surf club, for fellowship and presentation of the many Merivale $100 Vouchers to be randomly drawn from the list of entrants in each of the 3 swims

      Following this, you might like to venture down to Long Reef Point and explore the rocks and walking track. 

      If you haven’t had enough of the ocean for the day, you can take a dip at the Collaroy rock pools. The kids will love jumping in the pool with the waves lapping at the side. 

      There are plenty of shops and cafes to explore while at Collaroy, but grab a bite to eat a local favourite and event sponsor, The Collaroy, and enjoy your delicious meal while taking in the spectacular views of the ocean. 

      There’s a car park next to the Collaroy surf club and a larger one north of The Collaroy. Other than that, head down the roads that run away from the beach for free on-street parking.

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