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Cooly Classic

  • Coolangatta QLD
  • 1km, 2km, 3km & 5km


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      Quick Overview

        • Kirra Beach, Coolangatta QLD
        • 1km, 2km, 3km & 5km
        • Ocean Swim
        • Around The Buoys, Point To Point
        • 1km - 10-years-old; 2km, 3km & 5km - 12-years-old


        • Kirra Beach
        • Coolangatta QLD, Australia


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        It’s official, the Cooly Classic course is a dead set stunner! Well, it’s official in our eyes and we know that after swimming it, you’ll agree.

        There are four distances, from 1km to 5km, but it’s always the 2.0km Cooly Classic from Snapper Rocks to Kirra Beach which attracts the masses.

        Your start line, Snapper Rocks, is one of the world’s most famous surf breaks. Then, your course is a straight line to Kirra Beach, passing Rainbow Bay, Greenmount and Coolangatta Beaches as you swim.

        Regardless of which distance you choose, you’re guaranteed to experience the crystal clear waters of Southern Gold Coast in autumn and that’s a must-do for any swimmer.

        Cooly 5.0 (5.0km)
        This is the big one, a 5.0km marathon distance swim.

        This course will be an extension of the current 3.0km course, with swimmers making turn near the North Kirra SLSC and returning to Kirra Beach.

        The field will be limited to just 200 swimmers – get in quick when entries open!

        Cooly 3.0 (3.0km)
        If you’re a seasoned ocean swimmer, sometimes 2.0km just isn’t enough. Push your limits in the 3.0km long course.

        The new course will follow the 2.0km point to point format with an extra leg added beyond Kirra Point.

        Cooly Classic 2.0
        The Cooly Classic 2.0 is without doubt the main event and always attracts a big crowd.

        Starting at the popular Snapper Rocks surf break, the course follows the coast north passing Rainbow Bay, Greenmount and Coolangatta enroute to the finish at legendary Kirra Beach.

        Cooly 1000
        The Cooly 1000 is a 1.0km short course option from Coolangatta to Kirra Beach. This is a perfect introduction for less experienced ocean swimmers and retains the popular point-to-point format.

        Junior Giants (1000m)
        The Junior Giants event is a great opportunity for kids aged 10 years to 16 years to compete with other swimmers their own age.

        Family and friends are encouraged to share the experience and swim the course alongside the kids – you’ll need to enter this event too.

        The 1000m event will use the same course format as the 1000m Short Course event starting at Coolangatta Beach.

        Parking around Kirra and Coolangatta is free but in high demand. Make sure you arrive early, take a park inland or down the coast and warm up with a short walk.

        There will be buses to transport swimmers from the registration at Kirra to the start at Snapper Rocks.


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