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Proclamation Classic Swim

  • Glenelg SA
  • 1km & 2km


The Proclamation Classic Swim is organised by
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Quick Overview

  • Glenelg Beach, Glenelg SA
  • 1km & 2km
  • Ocean Swim
  • Around The Buoys
  • 18-years-old


  • Glenelg Beach
  • Glenelg SA, Australia


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The Proclamation Classic Swim draws its inspiration from South Australia’s 180-year heritage. Taking its name from the Governor’s Proclamation on 28 December 1836 that established the colony, the event pits swimmers’ skills and endurance against a historical constant, the beautiful waters of ‘the Bay’.

The Proclamation Classic gives swimmers two options -one and two-kilometre swims -all of which start and finish close to the popular Glenelg Jetty.

The swim is organised by the Adelaide Masters Swimming Club.

All swimmers will start in the water on the south side of the Glenelg Jetty.

  • 1km race: 1 circuit of the course
  • 2km race: 2 circuits of the course

With both distances finishing at the water’s edge on the south side of the jetty.

This is a swimming race, not a surf or running race. Swimmers are expected to stay in the order they finish at the point they stand up in the water, and not push past those in front of them in the gap between when swimming stops and the electronic finish line.

From the start line in the water, all competitors will swim south parallel to the beach for approximately 400m; at the first buoy, turn right and swim 50m to the west (out to sea); at the second buoy, turn right again and swim parallel to the beach back towards the jetty; at the third buoy turn right towards the shore.

At this point, 1km swimmers will swim straight into shore and the finish line.

2km swimmers will turn right at the fourth buoy closest to the beach and repeat the course once, before swimming into the beach at the end of the second circuit.

A diagram will be posted on the day and a race briefing will be held 30 minutes before the start of the 2km race.

  • 8:30 am – One and a half hours before the start of the 1km and 2km events the registration process for all swimmers will commence, and is planned to conclude at 9:30 am
    9:30 am – Official briefing to all swimmers prior to race
    9:58 am – Two minute whistle is given advising 2 km swimmers to enter the water
    10:00 am – Start first wave 2km
    10:05 am – Start second wave 2km
    10:08 am – Two minute whistle is given advising 1km swimmers to enter the water
    10:10 am – Start 1km event begins
    10:15 am – Second wave 1km
    11:05 am – The swim concludes
    11:30 am – On-beach presentations commence

The historical Glenelg foreshore is a tourist mecca famous for its pristine protected beach, cafes, restaurants, walks and parks with 7-day shopping along the main street jetty road.

This highly accessible beach is perfect for the whole family with fun parks and adjacent to a deep port marina where great views can be taken on from a variety of high-quality restaurants and cafés surrounding. The nearby Patawalonga Mariana provides for ultra-calm waters for paddle boarding/canoeing.

A regular tram service runs to Glenelg from the Adelaide CBD and a number of Bus routes service this popular area.

Prize categories

First prize for male and female for each of the 1 km and 2 km swims.

After the races

  • Presentations will be held as soon as possible after the swim.
  • Small prizes will be awarded to the first place-getter, male and female, in each of the 2km and 1km races.
  • There will be no age group prizes.
  • Food and drinks are available in the Glenelg Surf Club. A great variety of cafes and hotels are within short walking distance of the swim.

General Rules

  1. A spirit of friendly competition is expected throughout the race.
  2. Any unsportsmanlike conduct will be grounds for immediate disqualification.
  3. Race Officials may instruct a competitor to leave the race if: (a) they judge the competitor to be physically incapable of continuing without the risk of injury to themselves or others, or (b) the competitor has exceeded the set time limit or the Race Officials judge that the competitor is unlikely to complete the race within the set time limit.
  4. Decisions of the Race Officials are final and are not subject to appeal.
  5. Water cover personnel are considered as Race Officials.
  6. The Code of Behaviour of the SA Branch of Masters Swimming Australia (available at aussi.sa.org) applies to all persons involved with the race, including swimmers, volunteers and officials.

Race Rules

Masters Swimming Australia’s Masters Swimming Rules, Masters Open Water Swim Rules and Masters Swimwear Rules, available at mastersswimming.org.au, apply.

  1. No extraneous aids are allowed. Goggles are allowed and recommended.
  2. Swimmers not wearing FINA-approved swimwear will not be eligible for awards or prizes, but may swim in the race and receive a race place and time. Wetsuits and suits with zippers are not FINA-approved, nor are swimsuits that cover the neck, extend past the shoulder or extend below the ankle. Rash vests are allowed provided they do not provide compression or buoyancy.
  3. Watches and heavy jewellery are not permitted.
  4. An official swim cap will be issued to each swimmer at registration. Swimmers must wear their cap throughout the race.
  5. Swimmers must swim the course as described.
  6. Swimmers who cross the starting line before the sounding device is heard may be liable to disqualification.
  7. Competitors asked to withdraw must do so as soon as directed.


Masters Swimming Australia Open Water Swimming Rules 2022

MSSA Open Water Swim Events Event Management Plan 2023

Time Limit

2km race: Time limit is 1 hour (11:05 am).

The Race Officials reserve the right to reduce this time limit if weather conditions on the day warrant it.


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