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Murray Rose Malabar Magic

  • Malabar NSW
  • 1km, 2km & 5km


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    Quick Overview

      • Malabar Beach, Malabar NSW
      • 1km, 2km & 5km
      • Bay Swim
      • Around The Buoys
      • 1km - 10-years-old, 2.5km - 13-years-old, 5km - 13-years-old


      • Malabar Beach
      • Malabar NSW, Australia


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      The Murray Rose Malabar Magic ocean swim is held in the sheltered, wave-less, waters off Malabar Beach in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, only a 20-minutes drive from Sydney’s CBD.

      Named after the great Australian Olympian Murray Rose, it is perhaps the most inclusive, family and charitable-friendly of all the ocean swims on the calendar. Open to swimmers of all abilities.

      Swimmers will not only enjoy a beautiful swim but will be sharing the joy of swimming with children and young adults with a disability across the Rainbow Club network of social swimming clubs. Rainbow Club provides a social, safe and caring environment at over 75 clubs across NSW, QLD and the ACT. Your involvement will enable even more clubs to open in areas of need.

      This event offers three different swim distances: a 1km ocean swim for 10 years and over, a 2.5km ocean swim for 13 years and over, and a 5km ocean swim for 13 years and over.

      Malabar Beach is a relatively protected beach with fairly calm waters, protected by rock shelves on either side.

      The 1km ocean swim course is a classic 4-buoy rectangular course. Swimmers head straight out from the shore, keeping the buoys to their right as they make their way around clockwise before heading back to shore for the finish.

      The 2.5km and 5km ocean swim courses are an out and back, long pentagon-shaped course. Swimmers head straight out from the beach keeping the buoys to their right as they make their way around an apex, before heading back to shore. Swimmers participating in the 2.5km swim will complete one lap whereas 5km swimmers complete two laps of the course.

      All swimmers participating in the 5km ocean swim are required to finish within the allocated 150 minutes cut off time. If swimmers have not completed the first 2.5km within 75 minutes, they will be asked to leave the water for their own safety and will not be allowed to complete the second lap.

      • 8:00am – 5km
      • 9:00am – 2.5km
      • 11:00am – 1km

      Once you complete your swim, join the festival vibe in Cromwell park buy a raffle ticket and something from the BBQ and enjoy some music, all proceeds going to Rainbow Club Australia.

      In the area you can take a walk around the Malabar Headland National Park and take in the breathtaking views out to sea over the cliff face.

      There are five allocated parking sections around Malabar Beach in which participants can park: Dacre Street on the east side, Fisherman’s Road on the south side, Malabar Boat Ramp Car Park, Bay Parade on the east side and Malabar Ocean Pool Car Park.

      Please visit the official website for all the details about this swim, including swimming with a disability, group entries and FAQ’s.


      Learn how to kick off your fundraising here.

      5km cut off time

      All swimmers must be able to complete the 5km swim within the cut off time of 150mins. If swimmers have not completed the first 2.5km within 75 mins, for their safety, the Race Director reserves the right to not allow them to complete the second lap.





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