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Disability not a barrier to enjoying Magic first ocean swim

After an accident left Kate Thompson with serious back issues the leading fundraiser is taking on her first ocean swim at the Murray Rose Malabar Magic.

The Murray Rose Malabar Magic is just weeks away (20 February 2022) with the swim supporting children with a disability in learning to swim across thirty-eight Rainbow Clubs in New South Wales.

This year, Kate Thompson will participate in the Malabar Magic completing her first-ever one-kilometre ocean swim because of a cause close to her heart.

Three years ago, serious back issues left Ms Thompson with a disability and chronic pain led her to set a goal of completing her first ocean swim.

“I have always loved swimming and it has helped me through some really difficult times,” said Ms Thompson.

“I couldn’t swim for a while, so over the last two years, I have slowly been building up stroke by stroke, lap by lap, metre by metre to accomplish my goal of completing an ocean swim.”

Ms Thompson doesn’t swim as far as she used to pre-accident but swimming at Bronte Pool has become her sanctuary as she prepares for the Malabar Magic.

“I don’t swim as far as I used to but it is a start and it is an amazing feeling being back in the water again,” said Ms Thompson.

“Swimming really does just help dissolve the pain and mental strife, swimming is just good for my well-being.

“Because I can no longer work I have the luxury of time, which means I can go down for a swim at Bronte Pool whenever I like.

“It is nice going for a swim down there because you get to know the faces around you and there really is a little community down there.

When asked what Ms Thompson is looking forward to the most about completing her first ocean swim she replied with a laugh “finishing it”.

“I can’t wait to finish it and say I have completed an ocean swim,” said Ms Thompson.

“I’m also really looking forward to the joy of being in the ocean and that feeling as you do each stroke of being in perfect harmony with the movement of the ocean.

“It always gives me a moment of peace and joy and I can’t wait to see everyone down there enjoying themselves.”

Currently, Ms Thompson is the second-highest fundraiser so far but that was her original goal.

“When I first started fundraising I actually didn’t even have a goal, I just thought I would start and see how it turns out,” said Ms Thompson.

“I was actually a bit surprised when my fundraising started taking off but I do think it is because all my family and friends have been on this disability and chronic pain journey with me and they know how it has impacted my life and how swimming has helped with that.

“I guess there is quite a natural connection to the Rainbow Club for me because they help children with disabilities and that really resonates with me.

“It’s amazing to know that the money I raise will help provide swimming lessons for children with disabilities and help keep them safe in the water and hopefully give them that outlet, as they get older, as it has for me, to really help me through tough times.”

To join Ms Thompson in the Malabar Magic on Sunday, 20 February 2022, head to the Murray Rose Malabar Magic listing for more information and to enter.

If you can’t be there, please help Ms Thompson change the life of a Rainbow Club kid as they learn the joy of swimming via her fundraising page.

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