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A Malabar magical family affair

Robyn Bayliss is gearing up to participate in her first-ever ocean swim, the Murray Rose Malabar Magic, to raise funds for the Rainbow Club and as part of a weight-loss journey that has so far resulted in losing 33kgs.

Robyn Bayliss, the Rainbow Club’s Development Manager for Western Sydney, is gearing up to take on her first ocean swim at the Murray Rose Malabar Magic this weekend, Sunday, 19 February.

Ms Bayliss has been involved in swimming her whole life but this weekend she is venturing out into the deep blue to conquer her first 1km ocean swim event after swimming helped her on a huge weight loss challenge recently.

“I have been involved in swimming my whole life from competitive swimming to synchronized swimming,” said Ms Bayliss.

“I was also an avid scuba diver for many years before I had my children. While this will be my first ocean swim, I have stood proudly on the sidelines cheering my son on in two open water swims previously.

“Swimming 2km once a week for the last eight months has helped me in my process of losing 33 kilos to date.

“So, while I’m a long way from achieving my weight loss goal, ticking off swimming in the Malabar Magic is a huge goal I want to tick off along the way.”

Ms Bayliss with her two children Patrick and Maddison at the Rainbow Club

Ms Bayliss won’t be alone in conquering the Malabar Magic, she will have the support of her two children, Patrick and Maddison, who will also be swimming on the day.

“I am really excited about having my kids join me on doing my first ocean swim,” said Ms Bayliss.

“My son Patrick is a multi-class swimmer and has represented New South Wales on multiple occasions. In the last six months he has joined me at the Rainbow Club as a learn-to-swim teacher.

“He really has proved that having a disability doesn’t have to hold you back and I always say he takes the ‘Dis’ out of disability.

“Then on the other hand you have my 15-year-old daughter Maddison who does not come from a swimming background but is very passionate about the Rainbow Club and helping kids with a disability.

“She really is a dancer and has danced her way through life, but started volunteering a year ago at the Rainbow Club and decided to start swimming a little to do the Malabar Magic with me and help raise funds for all the clubs around Sydney.

“Patrick has done the Malabar Magic, so Maddison and I will be looking to him to keep us calm on the morning of the swim even though I am sure he will leave both of us in his wake when we start.”

We asked Ms Bayliss what she is looking forward to the most about doing her first ocean swim at the Malabar Magic and she said with emphasis “Finishing”.

“No, but seriously finishing is going to be a huge accomplishment for me and hopefully the start of completing many more ocean swims.

“Being alongside my children and other colleagues while raising funds for such a good cause will also be an incredible feeling.

“I’m also really looking forward to being a part of the electric atmosphere that the Malabar Magic produces and the BBQ that runs every year is always sensational.”

To join Ms Bayliss in her first ocean swim head to the Murray Rose Malabar Magic listing for more information and to enter.

  • Written by Ocean Swims on 14 February 2023
  • (Updated on 4 August 2023)



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