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Olympic water polo player Nathan Power swaps chlorine for the Magic of saltwater

2021 Tokyo Olympic water polo player, Nathan Power, will be swapping the chlorine for saltwater this Sunday as he takes part in the 2.5km ocean swim as a member of Team KPMG to raise funds for the Rainbow Club at the Murray Rose Malabar Magic

Mr Power had been living and playing water polo in Croatia, but it was his return to Australia that paved the way to participate in the Malabar Magic ocean swim. 

“When I came back to Australia one of the things I realised was how lucky I was to have the beautiful ocean and opportunity we have to be out and amongst it and in nature,” said Mr Power. 

“So, when the opportunity came up at work to do the Malabar Magic I was pretty quick to jump on board because it seemed like it would be a fun experience and it’s for such a good cause. 

“KPMG has had a very big push internally and set up some wonderful things to encourage participation in the event and we have quite a few people who have signed up for the swim or if they are not swimmers they are just going to go down on the day and help out and support the event.” 

With the combination of Mr Power’s club and national squad training, it has left him little time to add any ocean swims to his schedule but he is optimistic that his swim will be a success. 

“I have a pretty full week of training between club training and squad training, but I do a lot of swimming in the pool as part of that training, so I am really just using that to help me,” said Mr Power. 

“I’m really just trying to keep my water polo training and swim sessions up in the lead up to the Malabar Magic to keep my arms going.

“I am pretty lucky that I am in the pool a lot, that it is sort of second nature, so I’m pretty confident that it will be an easy transition from the pool to the ocean.” 

When asked what Mr Power is looking forward to the most about completing the Malabar Magic his reply was simple “the atmosphere”. 

“I have heard it is a pretty special event and the atmosphere is crazy which I’m really looking forward to,” said Mr Power. 

“It will also be great to support the Rainbow Club because it is such a great cause.

“I also can’t wait to see the kids in the Rainbow Club do their swim, it will be a pretty special thing to witness and support them.” 

To join Mr Power in the Malabar Magic on Sunday, 20 February 2022, head to the Murray Rose Malabar Magic listing for more information and to enter.

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