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  • Sun, 17 Mar 2024

The Sydney Skinny

  • Mosman NSW
  • 300m & 900m


Entries are open and will close 4 Dec, 5:43 pm

Quick Overview

  • Sun, 17 Mar 2024
  • Cobbler's Beach, Mosman NSW
  • 300m & 900m
  • Harbour Swim
  • Around The Buoys


  • Cobbler's Beach
  • Mosman NSW

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Fancy a nude ocean swim in Sydney Harbour?

That’s exactly what The Sydney Skinny is, a nude open water swim of either 300m or 900m.

Back for another year of celebrations, there is a set course, however, the event is untimed and the focus is on a joyous celebration of life, courage and acceptance of yourself and others.

All funds raised will be donated to the skin cancer charity, Skin Check Champions.

This is the most liberating fun you’ll ever have.

Leap out of your comfort zone for this untimed, joyous, skinny dip in the stunning Sydney Harbour.

There are two courses, a 300m for beginners and a 900m for the more seasoned ocean swimmers.

This is a fully ticketed, exclusive event and only swimmers are allowed on the beach. After your swim to protect your modesty and dry off you will receive the iconic sarong. It’s a cherished collectable that warmly welcomes you into the Sydney Skinny community.

After the swim (and fully clothed), we celebrate everything that is good in the world with a joyous festival.

What are the parking arrangements?
By car -we encourage everyone to use public transport to and from the event. There is all day parking along Middle Head Road, there are parking spaces at George’s Heights Oval and there is limited metered parking at Middle Head –Sydney Harbour National Park.

By Ferry –The ferries commence from Circular Quay at 8:55am arriving in Mosman from 9:07am, Sydney Skinny busses will be on rotation between the wharf, Mosman Junction and Middle Head –Sydney Harbour National Park.

Transport App- Try ‘Trip View Sydney’ app for all public transport options.

By Bus – There a many bus routes that travel from Sydney CBD and North Sydney.

How far is the walk from The Spit Junction to the private coaches?
It’s approximately 1km walk from The Spit Junction to Mosman Junction where the private coaches will be picking up participants.

How far is the walk from The Spit Junction to Middle Head –Sydney Harbour National Park?
The total distance from The Spit Junction to the event site is 3.4km which could take up to 1hr to complete.

Here are some popular questions, with full FAQ available on the official event website.

Where will I shake off my covers and let the sun kiss my skin?
Our friendly event team will guide you from the event festival area, down the walkway to Cobblers Beach. Once at Cobblers, you can slip out of your clothing and start your swim. Once you have completed your swim, you will be given a sarong to cover up and to commemorate your Skinny swim.

Why is this Event fully ticketed?
Only registered participants can enter the beach area, this is to ensure the event remains exclusive to likeminded participants.

Are you a little bashful but want to experience the Sydney Skinny?
We don’t want people to miss out on all the excitement simply because they are a little shy. So if it helps, you can make your way into the water, slip out of your clothes / swim suit and one of our team will retrieve your clothes for you.

Do I have to walk around in the ‘Skinny’ for everyone to see?
We get it – you’re still a little unsure about getting Skinny at our event. to get the most out of the experience we encourage you to take that leap outside of your comfort zone! We’re not here to see others naked or to be seen naked.


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