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  • Sun, 7 Apr 2024

Oceana Funds North Bondi Swim Classic

  • North Bondi NSW
  • 1km & 2km


The Oceana Funds North Bondi Swim Classic is organised by
Online entries are open, closing 7 Apr, 10:00 am
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Quick Overview

  • Sun, 7 Apr 2024
  • North Bondi Beach, North Bondi NSW
  • 1km & 2km
  • Ocean Swim
  • Around The Buoys
  • 1km: 10-years-old, 2km: 12-years-old


  • North Bondi Beach
  • North Bondi NSW, Australia

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  • Local Swim Guide

Bondi Beach


The Oceana Funds North Bondi Swim Classic is one of the staples on Australia’s ocean swimming calendar.

With a classic 1km and 2km course, it can attract hundreds of competitors who come out to enjoy a carnival atmosphere while living it up at North Bondi.

Perfectly scheduled 6-weeks after New Year’s Eve, it hits at the perfect time to see off the festive celebrations and up the training to be fit and raring to go on swim day.

After the swim, grab a sanger from the smiling volunteers then head up to the surf club for a drink. When all is said and done, take the time to explore Sydney’s famous beachside suburb, Bondi. There are plenty of shops, bars, cafes and restaurants to explore and fit everyone’s taste.

It’s best to take public transport to this event as Sundays are notoriously busy and parking is at a premium.

Note: The is the sister event to the BSC Bergs To Buckler Ocean Swim (previously the Roughwater) held in December.

Both the 1km and 2km courses are fairly straightforward circuits, following the buoys out around and back into the beach.

Bondi Beach is an open beach with banks, gutters, rips and plenty of swell. However, North Bondi beach is the calmer and gentler end of Bondi, being protected by Ben Buckler and the northern headland and rock shelf.

While there is usually a strong run out in the corner of North Bondi, which is helpful for getting out through the break, you will want to stay away from this on your way back in.

The 1km course is a small rectangle. Starting on the beach out the front of North Bondi surf club, the course heads straight out to the tip of Ben Buckler headland, before a slight turn south, then another right turn shortly after to head straight back to the beach via the surf.

The 2km course reaches every corner of the bay. Starting on the beach out the front of North Bondi surf club, the course first heads out to the tip of Ben Buckler headland, before a right hand turn marks the start of the length-of-the-bay back straight all the way to Icebergs. At this stage, another right hand turn takes the course closer to the beach before a right turn aims the final stretch back to North Bondi. A final left turn aims swimmers back to the beach through the surf.

Swim aids such as wetsuits, fins, snorkels and pull buoys are allowed during the race, but swimmers who choose to use aids will need to state so in the online entry portal.

  • 8:00 am – Registration opens
  • 8:30 am – Registration closes for 1km swim
  • 9:00 am – 1km swim start
  • 10:00 am – Registration close for 1km swim
  • 10:15 am – 2km swim start
  • 11:30 am – Prize giving (in the club forecourt)

After the swim, head up to the surf club, and then explore Sydney’s famous beachside suburb, Bondi. There are plenty of shops, bars, cafes and restaurants to explore and fit everyone’s taste.

Take your pick of local favourites Messina, the North Bondi RSL, The Depot and Ravesis.

Don’t forget to keep an eye out for the famous ‘Boys in Blue’, the lifeguards from Bondi Rescue. They are either on the beach or roaming the streets of Bondi and are always up for a photo if you ask.

Bondi Beach has multiple parking options; the Bondi Beach carpark offers parking for $8 per hour, but if you travel a few streets back from the main Bondi strip, you will find 2-hour paid parking zones followed by a hot commodity of free all-day parking. Be warned, though, these parks do get snapped up quickly.

If you don’t want to drive, you can also catch public transport, with the 380 and 333 heading from the city, through Bondi Junction, to Bondi Beach.


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