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A different kind of ocean swimming season

This season will look different from what we’re used to, with event cancellations and COVID regulations changing the way we can swim.

Wow, what a year!

The world has been turned upside down, and while we’ve all been dealing with this new way of life in our own way, it’s been reassuring to know that the open water has been there for us.

As Jules, Bailey and I travelled from Warrnambool to Werri Point, Cronulla to Cairns, we’ve been awestruck by the community spirit on display amongst open water swimmers (relive the trip on our podcast).

We’ve heard stories from hundreds of ocean swimming enthusiasts who have found solace in the ocean and open water during these times. For some, the open water has always been a place of freedom and reflection, but for others, they were just finding out how wondrous the open water could be, and they’re hooked for life.

This season will look different from what we’re used to.

Already, many ocean swimming events have been cancelled (at this stage, mainly pre-Christmas), and others have gone ‘virtual’. Some states are a little more certain than others, in fact, WA’s season has already kicked off. The uncertainty has made it hard for most organisers to commit to their events, so we’ll have to wait to see how the new year unfolds.

If there’s been one shining light in all this, it’s been the number of people who have migrated to the open water as a result of pools being closed and as a way to wash away the worries of the world.

Social swimming groups have popped up all over the country and swimmers have been putting the call out for swim buddies to enjoy safe swims together. Isn’t it great to know that our sport is so welcoming and accepting of everyone and that the open water is facilitating such a strong sense of community and wellness.

Whether you’re new to ocean swimming, or you’re an old salty dog, here are some links to things you might like to explore as we head into the season:

Finally, I think this video of the Bondi Swimblers group, which we’ve called ‘A beautiful way to start the day’, perfectly sums up what it means to be an ocean swimmer. Every time I watch it, it makes me proud to think they started their journey with OceanFit.

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  • Written by Andre Slade on 21 October 2020
  • (Updated on 5 December 2023)



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