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5 steps towards your first ocean swim

Would you like to go from ocean bather to ocean swimmer this summer? Join the ocean swimming revolution with these five steps towards your first ocean swim.

Welcome to the first day of summer!

We wait nine months for this day, and how good does it feel.

With the change in season comes a greater focus on swimming and the beach to cool down and relax as we wind down towards the festive season.

Chilling out at the beach is all very nice, but is this the year you take it one step further and complete your first ocean swim event?

Each year thousands of keen swimmers enjoy the freedom of ocean swims, and you can too!

If you’ve had your eye on the sport but haven’t quite known how to get started to work towards a goal ocean swim, here are our top five tips for getting started.

1. Find a friend to join you on your journey

It’s always more fun with a friend, and you can encourage each other each step of the way.

2. Get a swimming technique check-up

Swimming is a lot easier when you’re doing it efficiently, so have a coach get you in ship-shape before you start training.

3. Build up your swimming fitness

Coached pool swim squads are the best, or ensure you’re following a self-guided training program.

4. Develop your ocean confidence

Increase your ocean awareness and learn ocean swimming techniques for dealing with open water and waves.

Start with our Learn to ocean swim clinic, or take a Private Lesson.

5. Spend lots of time in the ocean

Nothing beats being in the ocean and slowly building up your confidence and fitness in this dynamic environment.

Our morning ocean fitness classes are perfect for this, blocks start late October and in early January (but you’ll need to have completed the pre-requisite clinic first).

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  • Written by Ocean Swims on 30 November 2015
  • (Updated on 4 August 2023)

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