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Great value wetsuits under $350

After a wetsuit to see out winter? We have you covered with eight great value wetsuits under $350 that don’t skimp on quality.

Are you in the market for a wetsuit? Maybe you need one to help you see out this winter or perhaps you’re looking to try a wetsuit for the first time and don’t want to spend the big bucks on one just yet.

Whatever the reason, we’ve got you covered with great value wetsuits under $350 (RRP).


Let’s start with Speedo. This Australian-born brand has three wetsuits under $350, putting Speedo at the top of the list for snaring a reasonably-priced wetsuit. With oceanswims.com’s exclusive discount, you can also save 15% for a limited time!

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Speedo Proton Thinswim Sleeveless Wetsuit

RRP $230 ($195.50 with 15% discount)

The Speedo Women’s Proton Sleeveless Wetsuit is the perfect wetsuit if you are feeling the cold but don’t like those arms or shoulders being constricted by sleeves.

The Speedo ‘Thinswim’ wetsuits are slightly thinner which gives you greater flexibility and range of motion but won’t keep you as warm in colder climates.

This wetsuit is made of Y39 rubber like the Proton Fullsuit giving users maximum buoyancy in the water.

The Maximotion+ panels are used in key areas of the wetsuit to create supreme flexibility when swimming, making it feel like a second skin rather than a wetsuit.

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Speedo Fastskin Proton Fullsuit

RRP $275 ($233.75 with 15% discount)

The Speedo Fastskin Proton Fullsuit comes in at $275 and has features that every open-water swimmer will love.

Made of Yamamoto 39 Cell Neoprene Rubber (the most buoyant foam in existence), this wetsuit will give you advanced buoyancy while also minimising drag.

The Body Positioning Regulator (BPR) panels are strategically placed to ensure you have a maximum streamlined swim position and the Flexible Y38 neoprene allows for a good range of movement through the arms without feeling restricted.

This wetsuit also has a ‘fuse neck’ which offers water tightness around the neck, preventing water from entering.

At 2mm thick this will keep you warm in most ocean swimming locations around Australia.

Another great feature of this wetsuit is the slat-cut legs which make it easier to take the suit on and off.

This wetsuit is great for entry-level open-water swimmers.

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Speedo Mens Proton Full Wetsuit

RRP $325 ($267.25 with 15% discount)

The Speedo Mens Proton Full Wetsuit is at the nucleus of every open water swimmer and triathlete’s needs.

Made of Yamamoto 38 Cell Neoprene Rubber this wetsuit offers advanced buoyancy whilst providing flexibility.

The Body Positioning Regulator (BPR) panels are strategically placed to give you the perfect adjustment of your swim position.

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Blue Seventy

Born in New Zealand, Blue Seventy has been a popular brand among open water swimmers and Ironman competitors since the early nineties.

Blue70 Bolt Sleeveless

RRP $349

The Blue70 Bolt Sleeveless is your go-to option if you’re looking for a sleeveless wetsuit to free those arms.

This wetsuit is great if you are wanting something competitive for open water swims or triathlons but not on the pricier side.

Made of Yamamoto 38 neoprene, this wetsuit gives you maximum buoyancy with the flexibility of being able to move your legs comfortably without restriction.

The ankles are made of ultra stretch material to help for a quick exit (we all hate jumping around on one leg trying to get our feet out of a tight wetsuit).

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Volare are a Gold Coast-based brand who are relatively new to the market but is making a statement with its reasonably-priced suits.

Volare V1 Triathlon Wetsuit Sleeveless

RRP $229

The Volare V1 Sleeveless Triathlon Wetsuit is designed specifically for open-water swimmers and triathletes.

The yellow shoulder and leg panels make this suit highly visible in the water allowing your fellow swimmers and water users to see you.

It’s made of premium Japanese Yamamoto neoprene, giving you extreme flexibility combined with a natural range of motion to enhance performance.

This wetsuit also features a low-cut adjustable neckline which helps eliminate the “claustrophobic” feeling that some wetsuits can give you around the neckline.

Volare V1 Triathlon Wetsuit

RRP $249

The Volare V1 Triathlon Wetsuit features neon yellow arms and leg panels making the suit highly visible in the water and the ideal suit for open water swimmers.

Made of world-class premium Japanese Yamamoto neoprene, this wetsuit allows you to keep your natural range of motion while gliding through the water.


Orca is one of the most popular and well-known brands among the open water swimming and triathlon community.

Orca Open Water Core Hi-Vis Wetsuit

RRP $299

The Orca Open Water Core Hi-Vis Wetsuit is specifically designed for swimmers and training in open water settings. The hi-vis orange arms provide maximum visibility while in the water making it easy for boats, surfers and other swimmers to locate you.

This wetsuit provides thermal insulation in the torso and legs which helps maintain an ideal body temperature while also helping buoyancy.

The SCS and Nano Ice SCS hydrodynamics helps reduce the wetsuit’s water resistance while increasing speed (don’t we all want to be just that bit faster).

Made from highly elastic materials these wetsuits provide you with increased flexibility, allowing you to swim in freedom without restricting your movements.

Orca Open Water TRN Wetsuit

RRP $329

The Orcs Open Water TRN Wetsuit is a level up from the Orca Open Water Core Hi-Vis Wetsuit. This wetsuit is great for those starting out in open water events with features including high flexibility and neutral buoyancy.

Made of 3mm thick neoprene in the torso and legs, it provides thermal insulation to help you continue your swimming adventures without worrying about cold temperatures. The 3mm panels also help you maintain neutral buoyancy, allowing you to improve your body position and move through the water quickly.

The women’s version is made to an adjusted fit of the men’s featuring the V Fit which is exclusively designed to fit a women’s body and provide maximum performance.

  • Written by Ocean Swims on 2 August 2022
  • (Updated on 4 August 2023)

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