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Narrabeen kicks off English Channel butterfly attempt

Does the idea of swimming a length of butterfly in the pool make you shudder? How about a two-kilometre ocean swim? Ten kilometres? The English Channel?  

Sydney ocean swimmer Eli Ball has ticked off all but one of these and is currently in training to complete the 34 kilometres English Channel crossing butterfly in 2023. 

This year Mr Ball will kick off his ocean swimming season by participating in the Narrabeen Beach Challenge (Sun, 7 Nov 2021). 

The swim will also be the first step in restarting his preparation for his English Channel attempt after his first scheduled attempt was cancelled in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“I’m excited to swim at Narrabeen this year because it’s a good way to get back into training for the channel again,” Mr Ball said.

“I will probably do both the 800m and 1.8km ocean swims if I can as it’s the first swim of the season.” 

Having grown up on Narrabeen Beach and been a member of the Narrabeen Surf Life Saving Club since 1992, Mr Ball is excited to be swimming at his home beach and helping to support the surf club. 

“It’s always good to swim on home turf and being the first ocean swim of the season it’s a good way to start at a beach I’m very familiar with,” said Mr Ball. 

“I love Narrabeen because it’s a favourable break without too much white water to swim through, so it’s good for beginners.” 

“Plus it’s a beautiful stretch of water where you don’t feel boxed in while swimming because it’s such a wide area.” 

“You can just get into a rhythm and enjoy your swim and the beautiful crystal clear waters.”   

If you want to experience the beauty of Narrabeen Beach and see Mr Ball complete another ocean swim doing butterfly, head to the Narrabeen Beach Challenge listing to enter.

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