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Take your neoprene to the next level with these three thermal accessories

Looking for a little bit more neoprene to keep those extremities warm while cold water swimming? Try these thermal swimming accessories.

Have you got to the point where a wetsuit and double capping just aren’t enough to keep you warm in the water during winter?

Perhaps you’d just like to stay in the water longer?

Maybe you don’t like the feel of a wetsuit, but you just need something to keep your extremities warm?

In these instances, you need to invest in neoprene thermal accessories.

Choose from thermal gloves, socks or a scull cap, or combine them to be covered head to toe.

The boys from Warrnambool all kitted out in neoprene for their regular winter ocean swim.

Thermal Gloves

When the temperature drops, your hands can really start to feel the cold, so covering them will help you enjoy your swim more, improve your comfort and save you from frozen fingers afterwards which can be a pain to get dressed with.

Most thermal gloves have long cuff lengths that can be tucked into your wetsuit arms, this adds extra warmth while swimming and the liquid seams help stop water from entering the inside.

As a swimmer, you will lose your feel of the water, but it’s the price you pay for keeping your digits warm and cosy.

Blue 70 Thermal Swim Gloves

The Blue 70 Thermal Swim Gloves are a great choice as they have no webbing which allows you to still have the natural feel of the water with each stroke. Blue 70 have also added a metal cell liner which helps prevent water absorption while maximising warmth, so your hands and wrists will be warm for the duration of the swim.

Buy the Blue 70 Thermal Gloves here

Thermal Socks

Just like your hands, your feet are one of the first extremities that feel the cold with body heat escaping rapidly. This is even more rapid if you’re a relaxed or lazy kicker as many longer-distance open water swimmers are. Once your feet are cold it can be hard for your body to warm up which can make swimming uncomfortable and unenjoyable.

Thermal socks are a way to keep your feet and ankles warm either with or without a wetsuit. Most thermal socks have an increased length to prevent water from coming in and make it easier to tuck into your wetsuit if you choose to wear one.

Blue 70 Thermal Swim Socks

The Blue 70 Thermal Swim Socks are a great choice for extra warmth as they have a zirconium liner that helps keep warmth in. The longer length also helps prevent water from coming in while swimming. The best part about these socks is they double as protection from rocky surfaces, or cold early morning sand when walking to or from your swim.

Buy the Blue 70 Thermal Socks here

Skull Cap

A skull cap is what you need when two silicone caps just aren’t cutting it at keeping your head warm.

The neoprene cap has a chin strap that can either be worn under or on top of your normal cap (best under so you can still use a bright coloured cap for safety). The skull cap can help reduce cold ears, water in the ears, ice cream headaches and dizzy spells which some swimmers can experience when their heads become too cold.

Your head is where the most body heat escapes so even if you’re not one for thermal accessories or wetsuits during winter a skull cap would help you feel the cold a lot less and many open water swimmers choose this accessory to pair with their swimmers.

Blue 70 Adjustable Thermal Skull Cap

The Blue 70 Adjustable Thermal Skull Cap is a great choice to add an extra layer of warmth with its 3mm neoprene and zirconium thermal liner similar to their thermal socks. Blue 70’s special SCS coating helps to reduce drag and allows you to be more streamlined. The Zirconium internal jersey helps reduce water absorption which helps protect against heat loss while making the cap much more comfortable on the head. The adjustable velcro chin strap is great to make the cap however tight or loose you prefer for your swim.

Buy the Blue 70 Skull Cap here

  • Written by Ocean Swims on 6 July 2022
  • (Updated on 4 August 2023)

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