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Bondi adds exciting new distance to the program

The City Ford Sydney Bondi Blue Water Challenge is on this Sunday, 26 February and this year they have an exciting new addition to their program of swimming and soft sand running events.

In addition to the traditional 500m and 1.5km ocean swim, Bondi Surf Bathers Life Saving Club will be adding a 3km ocean swim to the event, in hopes to challenge swimmers further.

“Longer swims are becoming more and more popular in the ocean swimming event world,” said Dori Miller, club ocean events organiser.

“There are plenty of great swims to choose from but not many in the Eastern Suburbs or at Bondi that are that longer distance.

“We have been running the ‘Blue Water for 10 years now and with ocean swimmers wanting to challenge themselves further with longer distances, we thought it was the perfect time to try something new and add a 3km ocean swim to the program of events.

“Plus, there aren’t many 3km ocean swims on the calendar, so we are trying to see if that distance will appeal to the ocean swimming community.”

Not only can swimmers look forward to participating in the traditional ocean swim events, but there will also be some exciting land events.

“Whether you run or swim, or do both, Bondi is a great venue to enjoy a morning at the beach,” said Ms Miller.

“For the beginners and juniors, we have the 500m and 1.5km swim and then if you want to challenge yourself a bit more you can try the new 3km ocean swim.

“If you want to try some land-based events we have a 2km and 4km soft sand run which is always fun.

“Post swim or run, you can enjoy the delicious BBQ and try your luck at winning one of 50 random spot prizes for those swimmers who enter online.”

After a challenging couple of ocean swimming seasons due to Covid-19 restrictions and bad weather, Ms Miller is excited to see the event back and thriving.

“It’s predicted to be a beautiful sunny day with good conditions, which is what all ocean swimmers want to see,” said Ms Miller.

“After a couple of rough years, it will be good to see Bondi back and alive again with the sparkle it has at this time of year.

“The Bondi Pavilion is also open, so the iconic Bondi vibe is well and truly back in full swing.”

Head to the City Ford Sydney Bondi Blue Water Challenge listing to find out more information and to enter.

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