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Terrigal ocean swim groups share DNA

Ray Moore from the Terrigal Tremblers explains the relationship between all of Terrigal’s ocean swimming groups as they look forward to welcoming swimmers to the Terrigal Ocean Swim Classic.

Ray Moore has been a part of the Terrigal ocean swimming community for more than 20 years and has seen people of all ages and from all different walks of life join the community at his beautiful local beach.

“The one interesting thing about Terrigal is that everyone who ocean swims in Terrigal is grouped under the banner the ‘Terrigal Ocean Swimmers’ and then underneath that, we have all different sub-groups,” said Mr Moore.

“We have the Terrigal Tremblers which I am a part of, then the Terrigal Hobos, Urchins, Fly Fins and the Toffs just to name a few, there are plenty more.

“The Tremblers, Urchins and Flying Fins are probably the oldest and have been around for a long time.

“But basically different people gravitate to different groups because they all want to swim different distances, on different days and at different times.

“But at the end of the day, we are all Terrigal Ocean Swimmers.”

A few of the Terrigal Ocean Swimmers

Mr Moore says the Terrigal Ocean Swimmers and Ray’s Terrigal Tremblers are much more than a social ocean swimming group, rather a community of supportive like-minded individuals.

“We all love swimming together but the community we have formed and the coffee after our swims are great.

“Ocean swimming is great for people’s mental health and it helped us all get through Covid, but people really love the camaraderie and friendship that the Terrigal Ocean Swimmers give them.

“Our group is much more than just swimming, it’s more about the people you meet and the new friendships you form.

“Even with the recent bad weather we have had, swimmers still go down to the beach and have coffee together without doing their swim because the conditions are so bad.”

Some of the Terrigal Ocean Swimmers enjoying coffee after their morning ocean swim

New boardwalk a hit for swimmers and walkers alike

This year Mr Moore is looking forward to showcasing the new Terrigal Boardwalk during the Terrigal Ocean Swim Classic after it was still under construction during last year’s swim.

“The Terrigal Boardwalk wasn’t finished for last year’s swim but it’s all complete now and it is just fantastic,” said Mr Moore.

“It will be great for spectators of the event because family and friends are able to watch the swim closer to the water now.

“Actually, one of the buoys on the course comes very close to the boardwalk so you can be right in there with the action watching your swimmer.

“Not only is it great for the swim but as ocean swimmers, in Terrigal, we are lucky enough to be in the water and swimming with fish all the time.

“The boardwalk has allowed those that don’t swim the pleasure and excitement of walking out over the water and seeing the fish and a different perspective of the water, which is just marvellous.”

Mr Moore’s favourite part of the Terrigal Ocean Swim Classic is the friendly competition.

“The swim is a lot of fun and there is always friendly competition between the swimmers which makes for a great event,” said Mr Moore.

“Really, it is just a great place to swim because it is the protected bay of Terrigal which usually gives us great conditions.” 

  • Written by Ocean Swims on 11 April 2022
  • (Updated on 10 August 2023)



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