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5 of the best NSW North Coast ocean pools

Ocean pools are quintessentially Australian, scattered primarily along the east coast and often boasting azure blue water amid stunning landscapes. 

These pools provide the perfect place to take a dip, swim laps, and shelter from rough seas and of course those unwanted sea creatures. 

In this ocean pools series, we take a look along the North Coast of NSW to find five of the best pools that you’ll want to add to your bucket list.

Angourie Blue Pools

The Angourie Blue Pools was once a rock quarry until an underground freshwater spring was distributed and it was transformed into an aquatic haven. 

The depths of the pools and cliff face makes for the perfect spot to release your inner daredevil after a swim and jump off the cliffs into the azure blue water. 

These pools are the perfect location to float around all day long while looking out at the ocean. 

Sawtell Memorial Rock Pool

The Sawtell Memorial Rock Pool, located on the south side of Bonville Headland is a much-loved landmark among locals. 

The pool was opened in 1963 to give swimmers a safer environment to swim in compared to the seep channels and strong tidal flows that move through the mouth of the Bonville Creek. 

Ocean temperatures in Sawtell are fairly mild all year round meaning this ocean pool is the perfect place for a swim during the springtime. 

Once you finish your swim in the Rock Pool, take a look at the rocks to find the granite inscription plaque set into the rocks to commemorate the war memorial pool.

Black Head Ocean Pool

The Black Head Ocean Pool is located at the southern end of Black Head Beach. 

This ocean pool has two separate pools with a main 30m ocean pool for lap swimming and an adjoining children’s pool for wading.  

Fun Fact: The Black Head Ocean Pool was originally opened in 1940 as a safer option for locals and holidaymakers to swim instead of the poor swimming conditions in the nearby creek.

Forster Ocean Baths

The Forster Ocean Baths were originally opened in 1936. Not only were the baths a popular swimming venue among locals and tourists but also doubled as a popular dance venue with a dance hall attached to the pool. 

To this day the 80 metre by 50-metre natural rock floor ocean bath is a popular pool among locals and tourists on road trips.

Being the perfect place to swim laps or go for a leisurely dip with friends and family while looking out to sea.

Yamba Beach Rock Pool

The Yamba Beach Rock Pool is the quintessential Australian ocean pool with crystal clear water and surrounding greenery. 

Built in 1969 into the rocks at the southern end of the famous Yamba beach this ocean pool has views of the ocean from one side and New South Wales oldest surf lifesaving club surrounded by green hills on the other. 

If you get sick of swimming in the ocean pool, jump over the rocks to Yamba Main Beach for a swim or surf in the ocean.

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