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Maiden ocean swim for 7-year-old at Balmoral in support of best friend

Claudia Boylan-Fear is taking on her first ocean swim, the Balmoral Swim for Cancer, in support of her best friend, Jacob, who has been battling Leukaemia.

At only seven years old, Claudia Boylan-Fear is preparing to tackle her first ocean swim at the upcoming Balmoral Swim for Cancer on Sunday, 24 March.

Claudia will be swimming and raising funds for her best friend, Jacob Weston, who has been fighting cancer for the past two years.

“This event is very near and dear to our hearts because at Christmas time of 2021, just before Claudia and her best friend, Jacob, were set to start kindergarten together, we found out Jacob had Leukaemia,” said Jodi Boylan, Claudia’s Mum.

“It was quite a shock to us all, especially Claudia, but we found ways to include Jacob in the whole Kindergarten process, even if it was just a small part.

“Claudia would go to Kindergarten, and she, along with her class, would zoom Jacob weekly from the classroom of their new school so he could join in, and Claudia and the other kids could keep him company in some capacity.”

This year, Ms Boylan is volunteering at the Balmoral Swim for Cancer, and when Claudia heard about it, she jumped at the chance to put on her swimsuit and hit the water.

“When Claudia found out that I was volunteering at the swim, she said to me that she wanted to swim for Jakey and his cancer,” said Ms Boylan.

“I was incredibly proud to hear those words come out of her mouth and wanted to support her in any way possible.

“So, we decided to ask Claudia’s nipper buddy, Elise, if she would join Claudia and with her mum’s blessing, they made a pact to do their first ocean swim together.

“It has been wonderful to observe Claudia’s sense of self-pride from the training she has been doing and also fundraising for something so close to her heart. I can’t wait to watch her achieve her goal.”

Claudia and her friend Elise have been busy training to prepare for the upcoming event and are looking forward to getting in the water and swimming for something they believe in.

“I started swimming when I was two years old when my mum and dad took me to lessons, and I loved it,” said Claudia Boylan-Fear.

“I love swimming because when I put my head in the ocean, I get to see all the wonderful creatures below, and I like looking at them.

“I have been training really hard doing nippers every week and also going on weekly ocean swims with my mum, so I am feeling ready to swim at the Balmoral Swim for Cancer.

“Because it’s my first ocean swim, I am feeling both nervous and excited, but I can’t wait to celebrate whoever the race winner is.”

Head to the Balmoral Swim for Cancer listing to join Claudia and learn more about the event.

  • Written by Suzie Ryan on 19 March 2024
  • (Updated on 19 March 2024)



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