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5 of the best ocean pools in Sydney's East

In this edition of our best ocean pool series, we take a look at the best ocean pools in Sydney’s East you’ll want to add to your summer swim bucket list.

Ocean pools are quintessentially Australian, scattered primarily along the east coast and often boasting azure blue water amid stunning landscapes.

These pools provide the perfect place to take a dip, swim laps, and shelter from rough seas and of course those unwanted sea creatures.

In this edition of our best ocean pool series, we take a look at the best ocean pools in Sydney’s East you’ll want to add to your summer swim bucket list.

1. Bondi Icebergs

Bondi Icebergs is located at the south end of Bondi Beach is arguably the most well-known ocean pool in Australia.

The Icebergs have been a historical landmark for over 100 years featuring a large eight-lane lap pool, children’s pool and sauna.

Take in the spectacular views of the ocean and surrounding golden sand of the famous Bondi Beach while you swim laps in the saltwater pool or sunbath on the deck.

The Icebergs are a popular spot among both locals and tourists.

2. Bronte Rockpool

The Bronte Rockpool, also known as the Bond Ocean Pool, in tribute to lifesaving pioneer, Major Bond, features a 30-metre lap pool carved out of a cliff face.

The ocean pool was built in the 19th century and was adapted for competition and lap swimming by using a wooden board to define a rectangular course within the pool.

The Bronte Rockpool is the perfect place for a paddle or to swim a few laps away from the sometimes treacherous surf of nearby Bronte Beach.

3. McIvers Ladies Baths

Located between the Coogee Surf Club and Wylie’s Baths, the McIvers Ladies Baths is the only remaining female-only ocean pool in Australia, open only to women and children.

The Baths were opened in 1918 by Robert and Rose McIvers as a traditional bathing place for Aboriginal women.

This is one of the more private ocean pools in Sydney and a great place to enjoy the saltwater with your gal pals while taking in the stunning views.

4. Wylie Baths

The Wylie Baths ocean pool is carved out of rock and is almost the size of an Olympic-sized pool. It was opened in 1907 by champion long-distance swimmer Henry Alexander Wylie.

Enjoy a swim in the baths followed by a relaxing yoga, pilates or meditation class overlooking the glorious views of the Pacific Ocean.

Be sure to admire the statue of the entrance of Wilhelmina (Mina) Wylie, Henry’s daughter who won a silver medal in the 100m freestyle at the 1912 Olympics.

5. Mahon Rock Pool

The Mahon Rockpool is located just north of Maroubra Beach surrounded by stunning views of exposed rock outcrops and cliffs.

Built in 1932 by the Randwick council as an unemployment relief project the 30-metre rockpool quickly became a popular spot for families and swimmers alike.

The rockpool is the perfect place for a dip in the saltwater without getting your feet sandy followed by some time soaking up the sunshine next to the pool or on the grassy hill above.

Be sure to keep an eye out when visiting the Mahon Rockpool for elite

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