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5 of the best ocean pools in Sydney’s Northern Beaches

Ocean pools are quintessentially Australian, scattered primarily along the east coast and often boasting azure blue water amid stunning landscapes. 

These pools provide the perfect place to take a dip, swim laps, and shelter from rough seas and of course those unwanted sea creatures.

In this edition of our ocean pool series, we take a look at the best ocean pools in Sydney’s Northern Beaches that you’ll want to add to your bucket list.

Collaroy Rockpool 

Collaroy Rockpool is known for its unique shape that follows the curves of the nearby rock face. 

Originally opened in 1926 by Arthur Larkin, the rockpool features two rock pools linked together; a 50m lap pool and a shallow wading pool. 

The Collaroy Rockpool is the perfect place to swim a few laps followed by a spot of relaxation in the sun on the surrounding grassy area. 

Dee Why Rockpool 

Dee Why Rockpool is one of the most beautiful bathing spots along the Northern Beaches and is perfect for families. 

The rockpool features a 50m lap pool and a wading pool. It’s the perfect place to get in some laps while the kids have a splash overlooking the beautiful ocean and rock face. 

Originally opened in 1919 the rockpool was engorged in 1930 and was renamed in 2019 as the Isa Wye Rockpool after a local who dedicated 85 years to the Dee Why Ladies Amateur Swimming Club.

South Curl Curl Rockpool 

South Curl Curl Rockpool was originally built in 1920 and has undergone numerous upgrades over the years. 

The beautiful rockpool is divided into two sections; a 50m rockpool to swim laps and a smaller shallow pool where you can enjoy the saltwater while dodging the waves of South Curl Curl Beach. 

The surrounding rock face and grass areas are the perfect place to soak up the sunshine while enjoying the views of the stunning South Curl Curl Rockpool and the ocean. 

Freshwater Rockpool 

The Freshwater Rockpool was the first rockpool opened on the Northern Beaches, welcoming swimmers for the first time in 1925. 

Tucked away on the north side of Freshwater Beach, the rockpool is the best location to take in the stunning views of the surrounding coves and cliffs. 

You will usually find the rockpool filled with locals cooling off before drying off and basking in the sunshine on the rocks below. 

Fairy Bower Ocean Pool 

The Fairy Bower Ocean Pool is located in Manly’s Cabbage Tree Bay between iconic Manly Beach and the more secluded Shelly Beach.

The pool was originally built in 1929 by local residents and is an eye-catching triangular shape with two sculptures sitting along the rock edge known as ‘The Sea Nymphs’ or ‘The Oceanides’. 

The Fairy Bower Ocean Pool attracts locals and tourists alike, to savor the sun and enjoy the magic of the saltwater with protection from the famous Fairy Bower surf break.

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