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You're an ocean swimmer, but are you a Thalassophile?

Are you a lover of the ocean? You might just be a Thalassophile. Here are the top 10 signs you’re a Thalassophile.

Do you know what a thalassophile is?

Can you even pronounce it?


The chances are, having clicked to read this article you are indeed a thalassophile.

Put simply it is a lover of the sea. Someone who is magnetically attracted to the ocean.

Many people love spending time at the beach; splashing in the water, ocean swimming, surfing, scuba diving or snorkelling, or maybe just laying basking in the sun.

But there is a small number of people who are constantly drawn to the ocean, they need to be near the ocean at all times to feel at ease.

A thalassophile is someone who not only loves being close to the water but someone who needs to be able to breathe in the fresh salt air and feel the saltwater on their skin – just to feel alive.

Where does the word Thalassophile come from?

The word ‘Thalassophile’ derives from the Greek word ‘thalassa’ which means sea and the word ‘phile or philos,’ which means a person or thing having a fondness for a specified thing.

The word is also influenced by Greek mythology where Thalassa was the primeval goddess and spirit of the sea.

10 signs you’re a Thalassophile 

A thalassophile is someone who is completely drawn to the sea in all forms. Someone who can’t get enough of the sun, sand and saltwater.

Someone who will be at the beach on a hot sunny day but will also be at the beach on a cold windy day enjoying an ocean swim.

Thalassophiles find solace in the ocean when they are having a bad day and happiness in the water when they have a good day.

Here are the top 10 signs, to know you’re a Thalassophile:

1. You can spend hours observing the ocean

You take yourself down to the beach and find yourself staring out to sea for hours. Time just slips away and what might only feel like minutes is actually hours.

Many might find this boring, dull or tedious but you find it the complete opposite. You find it calming, intriguing and full of happiness.

You could quite easily spend dusk to dawn at the beach watching the ocean.

2. You feel trapped when you’re inland

You may be away for work in the city or visiting family out in the country but whenever you are away from the ocean you start to feel trapped.

You are overcome with this feeling of entrapment and that something isn’t right. That feeling is because you are away from the sea and imprisoned in city or country living.

3. You need to go for a swim or surf in the ocean regularly

Do you get this pulling feeling to go for a surf or swim in the ocean every day or at least every other day? If yes, you are a thalassophile.

There is something inside of you that tells you to go for a swim or surf in the ocean even in winter, so you put on your togs, wetsuit or boardshorts and submerge yourself in the relaxing saltwater.

4. You desperately miss the scent of the ocean

The smell of salt in the air, algae growing on rocks, and the sea breeze is not one that many love but if you are a thalassophile it’s one you live for.

You dream of the smell of the ocean being bottled up and sold as a perfume, cologne or room spray for your house. An opportunity to smell the ocean all day long every day of the year.

5. You have a spiritual connection to the ocean

You believe that there is a spiritual connection between the ocean and humans that you can almost touch.

It is a sense of peace and calmness that overcomes you anytime you are at the beach or enter the ocean.

6. You unconsciously spend a lot of time by the ocean

You may not realise it until someone points it out but you spend a lot of time at the beach. Your morning coffee, afternoon swim after work or your weekends in the saltwater.

You love the beach and ocean so much you find a way to spend time all year round, if it’s up to you, you will always find something to do by the beach.

7. You need to be by the coastline regularly

You may be sick or away on holiday if you’ve spent any longer than a few weeks away from the coastline you suddenly get this pulling feeling to head back to the coast and enjoy the ocean again even if it’s just laying your eyes on the water.

8. You plan your holidays around beach locations

It’s time for your annual holiday and somehow all the locations you want to travel to are surrounded by a beach.

You have a long list of places to travel to just so you can be by the ocean; Australia, Fiji, the Caribbean, Hawaii, Mexico or Europe.

9. You’re willing to change your life and career to live near the ocean

You may have the ultimate corporate job in the city but that doesn’t cut it. You find yourself making the decision to move close to the beach so you can spend hours there every day happily.

It may sound dramatic but many of us love the ocean so much we are willing to move our whole lives to live close by.

10. You start to feel depressed when you are away from regular proximity to the ocean

You may have grown up by the beach or spent a good chunk of time living by the beach but you find that life takes you away from the sea.

When this happens you find that your mood instantly changes. That’s because you don’t have the saltwater, fresh air and sea breeze to wash away your daily problems of life.

  • Written by Ocean Swims on 28 March 2022
  • (Updated on 3 August 2023)

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