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Algal Bloom hits popular Sydney ocean swimming beaches

Over the weekend Randwick City Council announced that local Sydney beaches between Coogee and South Maroubra were affected by an algal bloom putting a damper on ocean swimmers’ weekend plans.

Swimmers were advised to not enter the water because of the algal bloom which is due to an increase in algae and cyanobacteria in the water which can change the water’s colour to green-brown or even red or blue.

A bloom can cause skin, eye and nose irritation with side effects similar to hayfever.

It can also affect pets, so owners are advised to also keep their pets out of affected water.

The Algal Bloom in a wave at Coogee Beach over the weekend

Coogee and Maroubra beaches were not the only affected beaches with several ocean and rock pools also affected along Sydney’s eastern suburbs coastline.

These ocean pools included; Wylie’s Baths, McIver Ladies’ Baths, Mahon Pool, Ivo Rowe rock pool and the Rob Walker rock pool.

The council said on social media “there is currently an algal bloom affecting our coastline from Coogee to South Maroubra.”

“The algal bloom can move quite quickly so it will affect different beaches and pools at different times.”

“If you see discolouration in the water it’s best not to swim there, but we generally advise people to avoid the area.”

While the council advised against entering the water they did not close any beaches, ocean pools or rock pools.

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