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Sydneysiders ready to hit the pools again

Sydneysiders are rejoicing this week after Premier Gladys Berejiklian announced that outdoor pools across the state would be able to reopen again from Monday, September 27th. 

This comes after the government announced the state’s vaccination rates have hit 81.9 percent of eligible residents who have had their first dose and 51.9 percent of eligible residents have had their second dose of the covid-19 vaccine. 

Premier Gladys Berejikilian said the number of residents getting their vaccine was reassuring and would allow for some restrictions to ease, including the reopening of public pools. 

“As a result of these positive signs, the New South Wales Government is pleased to announce that from Monday, 27th, all outdoor public pools will be reopening in a covid safe way.” said Berejiklian. 

Each outdoor pool will need to follow a strict Covid-19 safety plan, approved by NSW Heath in order to open and welcome eager swimmers who have been staying at home for nearly 14 weeks back to the water.  

“The covid safe plans will be formalised and approved by NSW Health, to ensure that we are keeping the community safe as possible and prevent seeding,” said Berejiklian. 

“The reopening of pools is a way for us to appreciate the importance of enjoying the warmer weather and the positive mental health and recreation and exercise.” 

Earlier in the month, there was similar excitement when the Dawn Fraser Baths reopened after a two-year hiatus due to the refurbishment and there was a push to build more harbourside ocean pools in Sydney.

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