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Big shoes to fill for a younger Koorey at Balmoral

Chase Koorey has distance swimming in his blood and will take on his first 5km ocean swim at the Balmoral Swim for Cancer on Sunday.

Chase Koorey, 15, took up ocean swimming with his dad Gavin and brother Flynn during Covid as a way to keep active and fit.

Since then Mr Koorey has become hooked on participating in ocean swims having completed the Warriewood to Mona Vale, Palm to Whale and Cole Classic ocean swims in Sydney.

“I swam a lot from a young age in swimming lessons and always enjoyed racing in swimming carnivals,” said Mr Koorey.

“It wasn’t until we went into another lockdown and I watched the Olympics in that lockdown that I wanted to get back into training again.

“My brother, dad and I signed up to do the two-kilometre Can Too program and absolutely loved it.

“It was great to get up early every Saturday and start the day off at the beach with my dad and brother.”

After completing the two-kilometre Can Too program, Chase and his dad signed up for the five-kilometre program and Chase is now gearing up to swim the 5km at the Balmoral Swim for Cancer this Sunday.

However, his preparation hasn’t all gone to plan.

“Because of the torrential rain and water pollution, I haven’t been able to do as many ocean swims as I would have liked,” said Mr Koorey.

“I’ve only been able to do pool sessions but they have been just as useful.

“It’s been good to do a lot of fast distance in the pool as well as recovery sessions.

“I did my time trial five-kilometre swim last week and it felt good to know that I can do the distance so now I am not as worried about that for race day.

“Now I know I can just enjoy the swim more on Sunday.”

Chase’s dad, Gavin Koorey, can’t wait to see his son complete the much longer five-kilometre swim after all his hard work.

“I’m really looking forward to seeing Chase being rewarded for all the hard work and training he has done,” he said.

“It will be great to see him achieve something that not many people would even attempt.”

John Koorey was the first Australian man to complete the English Channel in 1969.

As Chase prepares for the Balmoral Swim for Cancer on Sunday he has gotten some advice from his uncle, John Koorey, who was the first Australian male to swim the English Channel in 1969.

“My uncle has some great stories from his open water experiences and it has been interesting to listen to all of them,” said Mr Koorey.

“I have definitely learned a lot about ocean swimming from him and what it was like in the early days of the sport.

“I will take some of those lessons into the swim with me and also just try to set myself up at a good pace so I don’t tire myself out too much.”

To join Mr Koorey in the Balmoral Swim for Cancer on Sunday, 3 April 2022, head to the Balmoral Swim for Cancer listing to enter.

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Balmoral Swim For Cancer

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