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Club to Club: An epic swim you can make your personal Everest

Greg Randall describes the “epic” Forster Club to Club Swim that he has swum every year since 2002 and explains why it should be your personal Everest.

“It’s not just an ocean swim, it’s an epic swim.”

Well, that’s how Forster SLSC Patrol Captain, Greg Randall, describes the Forster Club to Club Swim that he has swum every year since 2002. 

“The first Club to Club swim happened in 2001, but that wasn’t an official ocean swim event,” said Mr Randall.

“It was pretty much just a bunch of about six or seven surf club members saying let’s do a swim from your club (Cape Hawke) to our club (Forster).

“So, they went from Cape Hawke Beach to our beautiful Forster Beach.

“Then in 2002, was the first year I did it and the first organised swim even though it was still unofficial. 

“It was pretty much the same group of people plus a few others and we got given a shirt after a sponsor was sought and the rest is sort of history.”

Cape Hawke Beach, the beautiful start location of the Club to Club swim

X marks the spot

Mr Randall holds the record for doing the most Club to Club swims and emphasises that it is just a beautiful swim for both swimmer and spectator alike. 

“I do it every year because it is my local swim and it is just a magnificent swim in itself,” said Mr Randall.

“It’s a lovely swim if you are a swimmer because of the sights and then it’s great if you are a spectator because you can follow your swimmer pretty much the whole way.

“You start on Cape Hawke Beach, then swim along the beach and turn at the headland and swim all the way to Forster Beach.

“Along the way you have a tremendous situation of rocks, headlands and cliff faces and it just makes it quite dramatic to look at while swimming.

“Lots of spectators will walk along the beach and up the pathway to the top of the cliff watching their swimmer. 

“There have been a lot of swimmers in the past who put a big X or some type of symbol on their back with zinc cream so that when their spectator is on the top of the cliff face they can easily see their swimmer in the water, which makes it a fun experience for both the swimmer and spectator.”

Mr Randall’s favourite part of the Club to Club each year is the ‘drama’ of the swim, as he describes it. 

“The scenery around you is just beautiful and full of drama,” said Mr Randall.

“You start on the beach and then follow a magnificent cliff line before swimming around the cliff face and arriving back to the beach for the finish.

“And that is just incredible. It truly is a beautiful swim.” 

Swimmers head into the water for the start of the Club to Club

Your personal Everest

When chatting with Mr Randall we asked him why swimmers should do the Club to Club this year and his response was simple “it can be your personal Everest”. 

“I have talked to a lot of people trying to get them to do the swim and a lot of them have told me it is way above their ability or intention to do it,” said Mr Randall.

“But I was chatting to one lady and she said it was her ‘personal Everest’ to complete the club to club.

“So, since then I have described it to other people as a personal Everest. You know you might not think you can do it today but then when you go and do it and complete it successfully you feel like a champion.

“Completing the swim is such an achievement and it feels incredible for those that wouldn’t usually do it to say you have done it at least once in your life.

“Plus it is truly just a beautiful and magnificent swim.”

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