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Hooked on the Balmoral Swim for Cancer since high school

Sylvie Panaretto has participated in the Balmoral Swim for Cancer since high school and this year she’s tackling the 1km.

Sylvie Panaretto got involved with the Balmoral Swim for Cancer during high school, since then she has graduated but continues to participate in the swim each year.

“I first got involved with the Balmoral Swim for Cancer when I was in year eight,” said Ms Panaretto.

“My school, Queenwood, has a relay team that participated in the school relay section.

“I loved competing against the other school teams with all my friends and it made swimming both fun and enjoyable.

Since leaving school I’ve continued to do ocean swimming because I love the sense of freedom, community and adventure that comes with it.

“I can also thank my mum, who is a keen ocean swimmer herself for inspiring me to continue ocean swimming and doing the Balmoral Swim for Cancer even once I left school.”

This year Ms Panaretto is gearing up to do the 1km ocean swim at the Balmoral Swim for Cancer on Sunday, the 2nd of April.

“I’m doing the 1km ocean swim this year with two of my old Queenwood school friends,” said Ms Panaretto.

“We have been swimming twice a week together and increasing our distance each week as we get closer to the swim.

“We are all really looking forward to swimming together while also supporting the Children’s Cancer Institute together.”

Ms Panaretto during the Balmoral Swim for Cancer school relay

Not only does Ms Panaretto continue to support the Balmoral Swim for Cancer because of her love of ocean swimming but also because of the great cause it supports.

“One of the main reasons why I’ve continued to do the Balmoral Swim for Cancer even after I’ve left school, is because of how they support the Children’s Cancer Institute,” said Ms Panaretto.

“The money raised from this event goes towards research, with the goal to cure all children’s cancer.

“It’s honestly a fantastic charity event that gets people outside and active, while also raising awareness and money for an extremely important cause.

“Which is why I encourage everyone to get involved with your family and friends because there is a distance for everyone from the 200m relay to a 5km swim.”

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Balmoral Swim For Cancer

  • Tue, 23 Apr 2024
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