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It’s a family affair at Coffs for local coach

Kim Roach, a swim coach at Sawtell Swimming Squad first got involved in swim coaching when her daughters started squad swimming, so naturally, she also became involved in ocean swimming when her daughters and her squad swimmers started ocean swimming. 

“I first got into coaching about ten years ago when my daughter’s started squad swimming at Sawtell Swimming Pool,” said Ms Roach. 

“I asked their coach, Tim Raven, if he would train me as a coach as it was better than sitting around and watching, and he did.

“It was and still is an amazing role which allows me to feel like I am helping someone better their stroke, fitness or achieve a personal best in time, distance or event.

“It was only about six years ago when I got involved in ocean swimming because some of the squad I was coaching was only training for ocean swimming and then my daughters got into it.

For the past five years, Ms Roach’s daughters and husband have participated in the Coffs Coast Ocean Swims and continue to love it. 

“My three daughters and husband have done the Coffs Coast Ocean Swims event for the past five years,” said Ms Roach. 

“They have done the 150m, 300m, 600m and 2km ocean swim events, while I coach.

“They absolutely love it and it (Jetty Beach) is such an amazing place to swim.

When asked what her favourite thing about ocean swimming was, Ms Roach’s reply was simple, “being in nature.” 

“It is scenic and calming and at times feisty in the pack, too.

“Plus ocean swimming is fun because you don’t have to do tumble turns.”

Some of Ms Roache’s swimmers after an ocean swim including her daughter Riley. Coen Groth, Cooper, Mick & Riley Andrews, Ged Groth, Richie Goddard & Lewy Groth

Ms Roach loves the Coffs Coast Ocean Swims for the swimmers she trains because it is a good introduction to ocean swimming. 

“The fact it’s held at the Jetty where the water is calm is great for first-time ocean swimmers,” said Ms Roach. 

“But it is also challenging for those more advanced swimmers, plus it is a competitive swim for the locals, trying to beat each other.

“Being at the Jetty it is a good venue for locals and visitors to watch and enjoy the swim.” 

Being a swimming coach we asked Ms Roach for her top tips on how to prepare for an ocean swim. 

“The best preparation for an ocean swim is to just train, give yourself time before the event to train,” said Ms Roach. 

“Swim in the ocean but also make sure you add some pool training in where you can go and improve your stroke, endurance and speed.

“Having a strength and conditioning program is also advisable along with a healthy diet.

“If you follow those steps you should have a good preparation leading into an ocean swim.” 

To enter the Coffs Coast Ocean Swim on Sunday, 3 April 2022, head to the Beachside Radiology Coffs Coast Ocean Swim listing to enter.

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