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McKeon name runs deep at South Maroubra

We caught up with Olympian David McKeon in the lead up to the South Maroubra Ocean Swim to chat about his strong family history with the surf club.

With the South Maroubra Ocean Swim coming up this weekend, Sunday, 24 April, we caught up with Olympian David McKeon to chat about his strong family history with the South Maroubra Surf Life Saving Club.

The McKeon name runs deep at South Maroubra Surf Club with David’s grandfather Ric Mckeon a member of the Foundation Executive Committee in 1959. 

“My grandfather Ric was a founding member and club captain at South Maroubra Surf Club,” said Mr McKeon. 

“Then my dad Ron McKeon grew up in the area and was a member and ended up being one of the greatest surf swimmers of all time.

“From what I know, dad was the only swimmer to have won the surf lifesaving cadet surf championships, junior surf race, junior belt, open surf race and open belt at the Australian titles.

“They are both life members now and the McKeon name has a pretty rich history in that area for generations, which is pretty cool.” 

The founding members of South Maroubra Surf Lifesaving Club including Ric McKeon

Two time Olympian Mr McKeon hasn’t been involved much with surf lifesaving, focusing on his competitive swimming career, however, since retirement that has changed. 

“I really didn’t do much surf club stuff myself because I really just focused on pool swimming,” said Mr McKeon.

“But since I’ve retired it is something that I look forward to doing now and I’ve been doing a couple of ocean swims here and there.

“I don’t do anywhere as much swimming as I used to, maybe three hours a week but it’s more so just a social thing for me now.

“I love standing on the line for an ocean swim and just having fun and enjoying the ocean.”

David and his sister Emma after an ocean swim

Mr McKeon is looking forward to participating in the South Maroubra Ocean Swim after a wild summer of weather has wiped out most of the events. 

“It will be nice to do the swim this weekend because dad is a patron and just being there with our family links to the surf club,” said Mr McKeon. 

“It will also be nice to give back to the community because they have given so much to our family.

“I don’t think any of us in the family would be competing on the world stage if we didn’t have the support of the South Maroubra community.

“They supported my dad and then my sister Emma and me for years now, so when we can we always like to come down and support them and doing the swim does just that.

“South Maroubra is a pretty remarkable place with it being our family’s home, so I am definitely looking forward to the swim.”

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