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Olympians ready to take on Bondi to Bronte

In what’s becoming an annual tradition, three-time Olympic medalist Andrew Lauterstein has gathered his Olympian mates together to take on this year’s Bondi and Bronte.

Three-time Olympic medalist Andrew Lauterstein has started what he hopes will be a tradition where he ropes in his fellow Olympians to take on the annual Bondi To Bronte ocean swim. 

The idea initially came about in 2020 but covid had other plans, however, this year they will be back ready to swim in the iconic event again.

“It started off with me getting a few of my mates who are Olympians to do the swim with me,” said Mr Lauterstein. 

“We had myself, Kenrick Monk, Matt Abood, Andrew Mewing, David Mckeon and the Campbell sisters.

“So, we had a fair crew of Olympians doing it and it was great fun. I then had the idea that each year they bring along another friend to swim and we just keep growing the group each year.

“Last year it was a bit difficult with Covid and everything but this year we are all really keen to do the swim again.

“There will be myself and all the guys that did it in 2020, plus Jarrod Port and a couple of other guys from North Bondi, so we will have about 10 Olympians this year if not more which will be awesome.”

(L-R): Patrick Murphy, Andrew Lauterstein, Matt Abood, Andrew Mewing and Kendrick Monk

Being an Olympic Bronze medalist in the 100m butterfly, Mr Lauterstein is no stranger to preparing for swims but this year’s preparation has had a different look about it.

“I would normally do a combination of pool sessions and a couple of ocean swims in the lead up to the event,” said Mr Lauderstein.

“But this year is a little different because my wife and I have just had a baby six months ago so training hasn’t been my priority.

“I am very fortunate though and I have done a lot of swimming in my life, so I have a bit of background behind me so I should be ok.”

Mr Lauderstein is looking forward to being able to travel to one of his favourite places – Bondi Beach – after having such strict Covid lockdowns in Melbourne over the last two years.

“It will be great to just have the ability to travel again,” said Mr Lauterstein. 

“I’m also looking forward to the feeling of being out in the ocean again and in the deep blue water.

“It is always nice to take in the views when doing to Bondi to Bronte and have a look at the cliffs and beautiful scenery on the swim.

“I am not going to be racing or anything, I will just be enjoying the swim, so there will be plenty of time to do backstroke and probably some breaststroke and just kick back and enjoy the experience.”

To join the Olympians at the Bondi to Bronte Ocean Swim on Sunday, 20 March 2022, head to the Macquarie Bondi to Bronte Ocean Swim listing to enter. Entries close at 5 pm, Friday 18 March.

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